Work Packages - WP2: Awareness, dissemination and networking activities

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WP2: Awareness, dissemination and networking activities


WP2 includes the awareness, dissemination and networking activities of the project. The activities described in this work package will result in multilingual information on how to participate in a European network, supported by Europeana, and how to recognise the daguerreotype medium. The aim of this work package is to:

  • Create awareness of the benefits of making information and descriptions available on a European level, as well from private as from institutional collections, resulting in an increased number of qualitative descriptions and digital available historical resources.
  • Create opportunities and a European forum for the further project development.
  • Increase the number of partners of the consortium resulting in a more wide-spread network,
  • covering all parts of Europe.

Description of work

All partners will cooperate in this work package by paying attention to the dissemination and promotional activities of the project. They will contribute by informing a broad public with information about Europeana and the Daguerreobase project. This must result in at least 5 new institutional partners and editing of 20 private collections.

The work package leader will develop a dissemination plan with two parts. The first part will focus on short term activities to create awareness and the distribution of information and will be presented at a consortium best practice meeting at the beginning of the third month of the project runtime. The second part will focus on other activities and the final version of this plan will be presented at a consortium best practise meeting at the beginning of the sixth month of the project runtime.
A selection of partners will develop and organise at least four awareness raising meetings (Month 11) and a Daguerreotype Workshop (Month 3) program with content.
In 2009, the FoMu and NFM published an informative folder on the daguerreotype. This folder has to be translated in several European languages and will be published as a paper booklet that will be spread by the partners, and set available for free as a digital (pdf) document on the partners‟ and the Daguerreobase websites (Month 4).
The current Daguerreobase structure will be modified and improved. The renewed Daguerreobase will be ready at the end of Month 11 (WP4) ; meanwhile the website will serve the partners and the broad public with a communication tool (blog) to inform about the Europeana portal and the progress of the daguerreotype project. A daguerreotype newsletter or journal will be published on the website on a 4- monthly base, starting from Month 12.
After the improvement of the website structure, the Daguerreobase website will function as an aggregator and multilingual platform interacting with the Europeana portal and serve the public and institutes with daguerreotype object descriptions, historical literature and references, as well as information of activities and events in relation to the daguerreotype medium.
The invention of the daguerreotype was announced on January 7, 1839 in Paris by Jacques Arago. In 2014 the photography community will celebrate this 175th anniversary, we will contribute to this event by the presentation of a Europeana Virtual Daguerreotype Exhibition, in which a selection of European Daguerreotype Masterpieces will be shown. This selection of Masterpieces will also made visible in a live exhibition, in one of the consortium partners location. We currently think on the coordinators location, the Fotomuseum Provincie Antwerpen. (Month 27-30)


  • D2.1 Action plan for enrolling new partners. (Month 3)
  • D2.2 Dissemination Plan, part one. (Month 3)
  • D2.3 Informative booklets in at least 9 European languages. (Month 4)
  • D2.4 Dissemination Plan, part two. (Month 6)
  • D2.5 First issue of the 4-monthly Daguerreotype Journal. (Month 12, 16, 20, 24, 28) D2.6 Europeana Virtual Daguerreotype Masterpieces Exhibition. (Month 23)
  • D2.7 Europeana Live Daguerreotype Masterpieces Exhibition. (Month 27-30)