Work Packages - WP6: Project performance and evaluation

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WP5: Project performance and evaluation


The activities described in WP6 has to result in the development of an adequate performance monitoring and measurement system that will inform the Project Management Board and the project coordinator about the project‟s achievements, in terms of success and performance indicators. The results of the measurement system will help the PMB in the decision making and will ensure the successful completion of the project.

Description of work

This WP is responsible for the project performance measuring and the project evaluation. Project performance measuring will be based on a self developed measurement system. The project evaluation will be executed by an external evaluator that will be subcontracted.

The indicators described in section „B3.4. Indicators‟ and „Table 3.7. Indicators‟ will be the base to establish an instrument for the monitoring and measurement of the project progress. This instrument has to specify how and what values that will collected and managed and how values will be collected. The results of the performance measuring and project progress will be reported on a regular base (6 monthly) to the PBM and the project coordinator. The results will be integrated in the reports to the Commission.

WP6 leader will develop, in close liaison with WP5 leader, a success monitoring device. Final values will be presented at the first BP Workshop and has to be proved by the PBM. (Month 3)

Next values can be considered being part of the success monitoring device:

  • Other (new) content providers? Private and institutional;
  • Adoption of best practice results (partners and external, new content providers) - Structure and functionality of the renewed Daguerreobase
  • Content providing into Daguerreobase – quality and quantity
  • Content aligning with Europeana; content provide --- Europeana (general descriptive metadata (API)) and interoperability Daguerreobase --- Europeana – quality and quantity
  • Usage of content – (Daguerreobase, institutional websites, Europeana)

The WP leader will produce project performance reports every 6 months, starting from month 6. There will be input required from all partners and in close liaison with WP3, 4 and 5.