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1990-5036/13734 1853-01-12-1855-05 1990-5036/13734 - man portrait standing book gold highlight hand coloured cravat gold ring black gown portrait cushion side parting clean shaven
1990-5037_A.115_9 1851-1854 1990-5037_A.115_9 - statue foliage arch column plinth nude
1990-5037_A.115_7 1854 1990-5037_A.115_7 statue nude
1990-5037_A.115_8 1854 1990-5037_A.115_8 statue plinth foliage arch column railing nude laterally reversed
1990-5037_A.69_3_2 1854-06-27-1854-06-27 1990-5037_A.69_3_2 - Baigent, Richard Augustin man jacket waistcoat cravat sideburns hand-coloured table
1990-5036/13707 1853-1859 1990-5036/13707 - man man clean shaven jacket shirt cravats waistcoat trousers jewelry ring watch chain chair side parting
1990-5037_A.69_3_1 1854-06-27-1854-06-27 1990-5037_A.69_3_1 - Baigent, Mrs. Richard woman dress bonnet lace collar hand-coloured chair table plait
1990-5037_A.114 1854 1990-5037_A.114 sculpture hall Crystal Palace sculpture window glass fountain clock statue plinth foliage spiral staircase pond ironwork girders
1990-5036/13725 1854 1990-5036/13725 statue Crystal Palace bust column pillar girders glasshouse architectural detail wooden floor agave plant plinth
1990-5037_A.115_3 1854 1990-5037_A.115_3 Sabrina, Calder Marshall, William sculpture Crystal Palace plinth window staircase ironwork laterally reversed statue railing
1990-5036/13709 1853-1859 1990-5036/13709 - man jacket shirt cravat waistcoat trousers jewelry ring watch chain book table tablecloth cane chair side parting
1990-5036/6046 1854 1990-5036/6046 man judicial clothing judicial wig breeches turned back cuff neckerchief waistcoat button gold highlight watch chain court coat high collar patent leather shoe gold chain stiff collar with bands silk carpet footstool wall panelling table
1990-5037_A.96 1853-01-1855-05 1990-5037_A.96 - man portrait table tablecloth hand coloured sword moustache sideburns side parting cap chair jacket cravat trousers
1990-5037_A.115_10 1854 1990-5037_A.115_10 interior Crystal Palace statue plinth nude foliage pillar ironwork
1990-5037_A.115_2 1854 1990-5037_A.115_2 First Whisper of Love sculpture plinth foliage laterally reversed arch pillar