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1951-323_8 1951-323_8 man hat fez jacket trousers shoe sock shirt cravat chair book table tablecloth carpet microscope camera octant still curtain hand coloured glass dome condenser scientific instrument globe footstool barometer air pump magic lantern tripod scientist
1917-19 1855-06-1863 1917-19 - woman dress cap lappet lace collar lace cuff flower rose gloves table tablecloth book ewer seat gold highlight gold jewelry chain ring bracelet curtain centre parting
1876-524_3 1876-524_3 Foucault, Leon man moustache beard shirt jacket cravat chair hand coloured scientist side parting
1984-1642 1855-07-09-1867 1984-1642 - Claudet, Antoine, Claudet, F., Claudet, H. man curtain window beard sideburns suit trousers waistcoat jacket bow tie button shoe scientific equipment scientific gold highlight side parting table watch chain tinted focimeter photographometer multiple plate darkslide hand coloured plate holder portfolio
1977-176_3 1977-176_3 statue man soldier sword sword-belt epaulettes trousers coat uniform hat walking stick grave gravetone cross
1977-176_4 1977-176_4 statue woman man tunic helmet mail rifle sword sword-belt dagger trousers coat
no number 08 no number 08 tree arch pillar dome building courtyard sky
1977-176_10 1977-176_10 statue dog collar greyhound foliage
1951-323_3 1951-323_3 man jacket cravat shirt side parting seated portrait
1977-176_1 1977-176_1 carpenter man sideburns hat paper hat waistcoat shirt trousers hammer chisels vice saw saw-horse clamp carpenters pincers bench wooden plank timber basket wooden shelf bowl brace drill bit shavings
1951-321 1854 1951-321 man receding hairline sideburns jacket shirt trousers waistcoat cravat gloves pince-nez cord neck ring watch chain chair table painted backdrop column hand coloured gold highlight
1919-298 1919-298 duck vegetable basket jar bottle cork table axe dried flower hessian barrel wooden panels slipware tap spigot
1977-176_5 1977-176_5 coral still life
1951-323 1855-07-09 1951-323 man handcoloured jacket trousers cravat chair table watch chain container plain backdrop
1950-38 1853-01-12-1855-05 1950-38 - young portrait man jacket shirt bow tie elbow plain background side parting chair
1876-524_2 1876-524_2 Becquerel, Edmond man moustache beard sideburns shirt jacket cravat scientist
1951-323_7 1854 1951-323_7 woman cap lace lappet dress gloves lace cuffs gold chain brooch parasol book flower rose jug chair table column hand coloured gold highlight
1917-20 1855-07-09-1867 1917-20 - man jacket waistcoat cravat shirt ring top hat table tablecloth chair side parting
1984-1645 1855-07-09-1867 1984-1645 - Claudet, Bourdelain gold highlight jewelry curtain chair woman seated old woman hand coloured lace lace cap table shawl black lace portrait bonnet ringlet dress tablecloth
1984-1644 1853-1867 1984-1644 - Claudet, Julie (b. Bourdelain, Julie) woman mother wife seated curtain window dog vase flower chair table ring brooch dress bonnet dress centre parting lace gold highlight portrait hand coloured footstool cushion
no number 07 no number 07 building minaret arch courtyard roof dome tree
1951-322 1855-07-09-1867 1951-322 - man grey hair sideburns shirt jacket cravat waistcoat trousers seat table bunch of flowers woman dress bracelet jewelry necklace fringeing girl boy picture wallpaper window pelmet curtain straw hat top hat side parting centre parting hand coloured gold highlight
1876-524_1 1876-524_1 old man grey hair sideburns plaid shirt jacket cravat scientist
1977-176_6 1977-176_6 memanto mori skull strongbox key table fringeing book hour glass chair velvet cloth reading glasses spectacles stick drapery brocade rope cord panelling divider oil lamp
1919-301 1855-07-09-1867 1919-301 - Bunn, Marian portrait woman curtain bonnet dress centre parting grey hair sleeve gold highlight jewelry ring brooch interior cushion hand coloured chaise longue
1936-144 1855-07-09-1867 1936-144 - girl blouse lace collar lace cuffs jewelry necklace shoe sock sofa cushion tassel curtain basket flower hand coloured gold highlight
1977-176_8 1977-176_8 man trousers jacket shoe sock shirt scientist table tablecloth sideburns fez hat fake bookcase photographic prop octant concave mirror oil lamp funnel bottle box camera tripod air pump bullseye lens alembic still stereo viewer egg-timer telescope microscope globe chair carpet unidentified objects reflection microscope case bucket stand
1971-662_1 1971-662_1 Hachette, Jeanne statue axe sculpture
1977-176_9 1977-176_9 carpenter man sideburns paper hat waistcoat shirt trousers hammer chisels vice engineers vice saw plane clamp carpenters pincers bench shavings carpenters square bottle oil can wooden plank wooden shelf bowl brace drill bit claw hammer
1951-323_5 1951-323_5 chemistry laboratory beakers test tube test tube stand retort stand spirit burner alembic funnels filter paper pestle and mortar thermometer chemicals measuring scales pipette wooden shelf bottled chemicals steam kettle glass stirrer laterally reversed bowls camera camera lens crucibles
1951-323_6 1854 1951-323_6 woman young woman man jacket trousers waistcoat sideburns letter book cap lace cap lace cuffs lace collar lappet dress shawl buttoned dress jewelry brooch bracelet ring chair painted backdrop column hand coloured gold highlight
1971-662_2 1971-662_2 woman portrait plait dress jewelry earring brooch necklace pearl ring lace centre parting cushion hand coloured gold highlight punched silver highlight
1951-323_1 1855-07-09-1867 1951-323_1 - hand coloured woman young girl young boy seated kneeling dress lace collar neck bow cap centre parting cuffs bow necklace bracelet high chair tunic belt shoulder patterned wallpaper curtain fringeing pelmet window painted backdrop
1978-493 1978-493 chemistry laboratory beakers test tube test tube stand retort stand spirit burner alembic funnels filter paper pestle and mortar thermometer chemicals measuring scales pipette wooden shelf bottled chemicals steam kettle glass stirrer laterally reversed bowls camera camera lens
no number 02 1851 no number 02 duck game vegetable fruit table jar barrel axe wooden plank basket hessian dried flower
1919-296 1854 1919-296 young girl dress sock racket centre parting table chair upholstery cushion flower interior dado rail hand coloured
no number 05 1855-06-09 no number 05 boy cap double breasted sword-belt gloves uniform button hand coloured brocade plain background gold chair
1977-176_7 1977-176_7 firescreen artwork sailor boy of wales feather ceramics vase jug table tablecloth plant planters book basket model boat kennel cat carrier tortoise shell chair taxidermy bird glass dome flower flowerpot foliage
1977-176_2 1977-176_2 statue woman bottle dress vase
1984-1643 1855-07-09-1867 1984-1643 - Claudet, Henri man portrait seated table gold highlight side parting button beard ring bow tie waistcoat jacket shirt trousers curtain hand coloured
1919-297 1852-07 1919-297 old portrait woman chair table tablecloth vase flower lace collar lace cuffs dress brooch bow ring earring middle parting handcoloured
no number 10 1854 no number 10 old woman handcolouring column table chair velvet upholstery gloves leather lace cap ribbon gold jewelry ring pleated dress book flower hair decoration plait satin jacket robe ornate chair arms round back chair gold jewelry fluted column pedestal buttoned dress button collar
no number 31 1853-01-12-1855-06 no number 31 - woman portrait dress lace cuffs lace collar jewelry ring child dress for a boy pantalon table tablecloth flower chair hand coloured gold highlight
1946-179 1855-07 1946-179 Michel, Emily Spooner neé Clarke woman portrait seated dress fan tassel chair lace collar plait bracelet earring ring frill checked fabric lace cuffs bows handcolouring tinted cloud