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1943 46/3 1943 46/3 landscape tree river waterfall house
1890-56-Ps1 1841-06-25-1841-06-25 1890-56-Ps1 - leaning tower cathedral piazza landscape architecture architectural detail pillar column arch sky dome railing window cross step door scaffolding hill stonework statue
PD233 PD233 portrait man sideburns side parting waistcoat jacket stock painted backdrop column table tablecloth books watch chain fob trousers clean shaven
16 16 Brooke, Gustavus Vaughan man actor bow tie high collar waistcoat jacket velvet collar braid table table cloth
2003-5001/2/28135 2003-5001/2/28135 man backdrop cravat waistcoat jacket bow tie side parting tablecloth hand-coloured
PH2898 PH2898 man bow tie shirt jacket
CA13 1841 CA13 portrait man jacket side parting tie waistcoat collar wharton case
2003-5001/2/28117 2003-5001/2/28117 Monighan, H. man book jacket artwork signature waistcoat
1978-04-02-1 1978-04-02-1 man beard uniform cap jacket gloves chair curtain hand coloured
MCS 13 MCS 13 man bow tie
1990-5037_A14 1841-1851 1990-5037_A14 - man book tie pin velvet collar waistcoat jacket backdrop chair button side parting
1990-5036/DC/31 (6058) 1849-04-1854 1990-5036/DC/31 (6058) - man bow tie hand coloured sky cloud chair letter beard jacket waistcoat
1990-5036/7295 1990-5036/7295 man bow tie stiffened collar waistcoat jacket moustache goatee plain background head and shoulder buttoned jacket shirt with pleated front side parting
Ph1173-1992 or E.1173-1992 1854-1855-07 Ph1173-1992 or E.1173-1992 - man cane painted backdrop sideburns cravat jacket double breasted shirt chair cloud backdrop table
125 1844-09-1844-09 125 - Buttery, Thomas man chair jacket balding stock waistcoat
1960-06-85-1 1856-1860 1960-06-85-1 - Meyers, William Francis Wallace man chair jacket trousers book watch chain moustache side parting bow tie waistcoat tablecloth
1990-5037_A.57 1990-5037_A.57 man jacket collar cravat sideburns side parting
052 052 figurine man woman child family
181 1852-04-1856 181 - woman portrait ringlets coloured dress
Ph7-1973 Ph7-1973 Cleeve, Egerton man chair seated clean shaven jacket waistcoat tie shirt table tablecloth book
1990-5036/DA/25 1849-04-1855 1990-5036/DA/25 - man clean shaven jacket waistcoat shirt cravat side parting hand coloured
010 010 Graham, J B man cloud backdrop sideburns hand coloured chair jacket waistcoat shirt bow tie pendant jewelry
PH2427/14A PH2427/14A Bradley man couple bow tie cravat jacket shirt trousers waistcoat hand coloured painted backdrop sky table tablecloth
2003-5001/2/28050 2003-5001/2/28050 man cravat high collar jacket pince-nez cord neck waistcoat shirt balding hand coloured
1911-321_4 1849 1911-321_4 man cravat jacket waistcoat check trousers sideburns moustache teeth high collar patterned fabric chair plain background hand coloured cuffs side parting table tablecloth
1990-5037_A.46 1990-5037_A.46 man jacket waistcoat cravat hand coloured side parting book table
1990-5037_A.49 1853-1856-09 1990-5037_A.49 - man cravat sideburns jacket cane hand coloured boy uniform cap sunlight hat trousers
1975-545 1975-545 man curly hair receding hairline jacket shawl collared jacket plain background head and shoulder cravat artwork painting
2003-5001/2/28091_1 2003-5001/2/28091_1 Front, George man dwarf chair jacket trousers backdrop scroll bow tie
1990-5036/6055 1990-5036/6055 man elderly jacket bow tie sideburns balding
Plate 1 Plate 1 man foliage gate hand sideburns waistcoat bow tie shirt jacket chair railing
1950-366 1950-366 Lucas, A H man jacket waistcoat cravat side parting watch chain moustache hand coloured
1890-56-Pt4 1841-05-04-1841-05-04 1890-56-Pt4 - paestum landscape greek temple Hera column entablature pedimant archaeological site stonework building
028 1855-07-09 028 man furniture curtain jacket waistcoat bow tie hand coloured
249 249 man girl dress striped ringlet centre parting balding hand coloured jacket waistcoat trousers shirt bow tie book backdrop sideburns
1990-5036/DA/10 1990-5036/DA/10 man hand coloured stock waistcoat jacket side parting sideburns
2003-5001/2/28091_3 2003-5001/2/28091_3 Ojibwa man headdress
11 11 man jacket backdrop
2003-5001/2/28162 1843-1843 2003-5001/2/28162 - Fellows, Sir Charles man high collar sideburns balding
1990-5036/DC/3 1990-5036/DC/3 man jacket bow tie waistcoat trousers chain chair table tablecloth side parting beard
1911-321_2 1911-321_2 man jacket cravat chair book table sideburns
2003-5001/2/28052 2003-5001/2/28052 man jacket cravat check waistcoat sideburns cane umbrella parasol waistcoat tartan table tablecloth
no number 20 no number 20 man jacket cravat shirt side parting clean shaven
1990-5036/DA/19 1990-5036/DA/19 man jacket cravat waistcoat beard side parting hand coloured
1990-5036/DC/7 1990-5036/DC/7 man jacket cravat sideburns side parting white trousers table tablecloth
2003-5001/2/28063 2003-5001/2/28063 Kipp, Daniel man jacket seated shirt bow tie clean shaven
Ph336-1961 Ph336-1961 man jacket shirt cravat sideburns seated
q q Baylis, Thomas man jacket stock sideburns grey hair
2003-5001/2/28090 2003-5001/2/28090 Billing, Archibald man jacket waistcoat
LEEDM.E.1962.0150.0021 LEEDM.E.1962.0150.0021 man jacket trousers watch chain cane cravat