Daguerreotype Journal Year 2 | Issue N.2 Spring 2015


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Table of contents

Editorial4  EDITORIAL
European Landscape and Cityscape Daguerreotypes


The bookshelf7 THE BOOKSHELF
The Lost Ruskin Daguerreotypes
by Sandra Maria Petrillo

Daguerreotype in photographic collection of the Estonian Literary Museum8 CURRENT RESEARCH
Daguerreotypes in the Photographic Collection of the Estonian Literary Museum
by Vilve Asmer

Re-illuminating the past14 Re-illuminating the Past
An Introduction to Reflectance Transformation Imaging
by Archaeovision

Mapping Estonian daguerreotypes22 Mapping Estonian Daguerreotypes
for the Daguerreobase Project
by Kadi Sikka

A silver window on history copia24 HISTORICAL NOTES
A silver Window on History. Daguerreotypes in Finland in the 19th Century
by Laura Sallas

“Stašek’s” Cross-Section of a Plant
by Petra Trnkova

The Recurring Table-cloth48 THE DAGUERREOTYPE STUDIO
The Recurring Table-cloth
by Marthe T. Fjellestad and Morten Heiselberg

A veterinarian in the Napoleonic Army58 STORIES BEHIND THE IMAGES
A Veterinarian in the Napoleonic Army
by Wouter Lambrechts

Family memories from Lake Como68 HIDDEN TREASURES
Family Memories from Lake Como
by Giovanni Meda Riquier