Add daguerreotypes from your private collection

vanderwieltweeluikRecently, two images from a private collection were presented to Daguerreobase; the great grandparents of Pieter van der Wielen. The portraits were made around 1848 and have a size of 11.3 x 15.4 cm. In 1983 the family had these portraits professionally restored by Mr. Moesgaard of the photography department of the Print Room of the University of Leiden.

"Whether we would find this interesting for Daguerreobase", Pieter van der Wielen wondered. Yes, Pieter, we are immensely grateful that you want to share these beautiful portraits with our audience. An audience that has great interest in history and photography. But also consists of professionals. This is precisely the importance of the database; that information, next to institutional collections, from private collections will be made available so we can compare all information and arrive at new insights.

We are working hard to improve our site so everyone can soon add information themselves. Do you also have beautiful material and would you like to contribute? Send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today or fill in the form under the button 'Contribute'.

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