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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
209 209 woman hairstyle dress lace collar scroll
Colonel Joseph Kelsall Colonel Joseph Kelsall Kelsall, Colonel Joseph portrait man military uniform epaulettes buttons curtain receding hairline
253B 253B woman ringlet dress handcoloured chair jewelry brooch ring shawl lace
1890-56-R48 1890-56-R48 landscape built structure building exterior forum temple roof tile sky skyline arch archway coffers religious building balustrade architectural ruin tower domed roof roof window tree archaeological ruin stonework wall brick wall
1890-56-R68 1890-56-R68 landscape portrait theatre pillar decorative stonework column built structure awning umbrella window shutter building exterior laundry drying roof tile sky arch archway stonework wall archeaological ruin chimney
1890-56-R69 1890-56-R69 landscape soldier road arch column corinthian capital sky archaeological site tree archaeological ruin stonework brickwork cobbles lamp lantern wall garden vegetation uniform lamp
1890-56-R80 1890-56-R80 landscape building exterior decoration house sky stonework bollard street spire window pavement spire
1890-56-R81 1890-56-R81 landscape building window house sky stonework street dome machicolation battlement poster doorway
1890-56-R83 1890-56-R83 landscape baroque constitutional building decorative facade palazzo del quirinale window arch quirinal hill obelisk plinth built structure coat of arms tower building exterior decorative stonework window roof roof tile shutter balastrade tree hill sky archway stonework wall archeaological ruin
1890-56-R84 1890-56-R84 landscape post office building building exterior house roof chimney tile sky column colonnade clocks inscription street window balustrade pillar
1890-56-R88 1890-56-R88 landscape river harbour church decorative facade architecture inscription street balcony building terrace step boat window built structure building exterior decorative stonework roof roof tile shutter window grille balcony ironwork tree sky stonework
224 224 man lawyer wig chain mayor wharton case
VPH.29 VPH.29 portrait man side parting sideburns bow tie jacket
218 218 landscape building exterior tree
1990-5037_A.81 1990-5037_A.81 Dancer, John Benjamin, Wilkinson, William Crawford, Binney, Edward William man jacket waistcoat cravats chair trousers side parting
1951-323_8 1951-323_8 man hat fez jacket trousers shoe sock shirt cravat chair book table tablecloth carpet microscope camera octant still curtain hand coloured glass dome condenser scientific instrument globe footstool barometer air pump magic lantern tripod scientist
1990-5037_A.93 1990-5037_A.93 man table lamp chair scientist sideburns scientific equipment hand coloured globe octant air pump telescope microscope alembic hour glass mirror model still still electrical coil bulls eye lens divider spats scientist bell jar
215 215 man woman foliage jacket waistcoat shirt balding sideburns chair woman dress book
247 247 Westropp, Charlotte, Waugh, Adelaide, Gregor, Harriett woman family dress backdrop ringlet shawl plaits
CA9 CA9 portrait woman dress centre parting necklace book sofa
CA16 CA16 portrait man jacket waistcoat shirt trousers hat book ring hand coloured table cloth
214 214 Brown, John man jacket waistcoat cravat shirt side parting middle aged
028 028 man portrait painted backdrop chair jacket trousers waistcoat cravat cravat pin sideburns balding hand coloured table carpet
CA17 CA17 portrait woman book ring hand coloured table cloth dress brooch lace centre parting chair necklace
101 101 man moustache beard hand coloured gold highlight jacket waistcoat bow tie watch chain table chair table cloth medal
266 266 woman young dress short sleeve centre parting hand coloured chair maltese cross bracelet
VPH.40 VPH.40 portrait handcoloured man side parting bow tie jacket beard
222 222 child dress smiling chair carved
CA5 CA5 portrait man top hat waistcoat jacket chair tie collar watch chain gloves
CA23 CA23 portrait man mirror table curtain backdrop chair jacket waistcoat tie trousers
CA22 CA22 Rylands, John man portrait jacket tie sideburns
VPH.26 VPH.26 portrait man side parting sideburns bow tie jacket shirt
311 311 man portrait uniform jacket sideburns side parting epaulette gold paint waistcoat trousers bow tie mother of pearl book form
VPH.41.2 VPH.41.2 portrait handcoloured man side parting bow tie jacket waistcoat shirt
CA3 CA3 woman centre parting brooch earrings jewelry
306 306 man portrait uniform sword epaulettes moustache side parting
307 307 women portrait dresses house trees windows plants tiles roof
1950-150 1950-150 portrait man cravat cloud cloud backdrop side parting coat jacket trousers curtain seated seated man book gold highlight hand coloured gold button gold ring
S_WUP_8031 S_WUP_8031 portrait porträt frau haube
S_WUP_8070SL S_WUP_8070SL portrait porträt frau haube
S_WUP_4007SL S_WUP_4007SL portrait porträt frau haube balustrade
Museum Ludwig Archiv_69 Museum Ludwig Archiv_69 label etiketten photographer advertisement werbung
Museum Ludwig Archiv_123 Museum Ludwig Archiv_123 label etiketten photographer advertisement werbung
Museum Ludwig Archiv_63 Museum Ludwig Archiv_63 label etiketten photographer advertisement werbung
S_WUP_4557 S_WUP_4557 portrait porträt frau kulisse
S_WUP_8054SL S_WUP_8054SL portrait porträt frau mutter kind
S_WUP_4848 S_WUP_4848 portrait porträt frau mutter kinder peitsche
Museum Ludwig Archiv_156 Museum Ludwig Archiv_156 label etiketten photographer advertisement werbung
Museum Ludwig Archiv_96 Museum Ludwig Archiv_96 label etiketten photographer advertisement werbung
Museum Ludwig Archiv_68 Museum Ludwig Archiv_68 label etiketten photographer advertisement werbung