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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
1951-323_3 1951-323_3 man jacket cravat shirt side parting seated portrait
1951-323_8 1951-323_8 man hat fez jacket trousers shoe sock shirt cravat chair book table tablecloth carpet microscope camera octant still curtain hand coloured glass dome condenser scientific instrument globe footstool barometer air pump magic lantern tripod scientist
1990-5036/13702 1990-5036/13702 sculpture robe woman classical marble bag container dress
1919-298 1919-298 duck vegetable basket jar bottle cork table axe dried flower hessian barrel wooden panels slipware tap spigot
S_WUP_8048SL S_WUP_8048SL portrait porträt engel skulptur
1876-524_2 1876-524_2 Becquerel, Edmond man moustache beard sideburns shirt jacket cravat scientist
1977-176_5 1977-176_5 coral still life
2014-32/5 2014-32/5 sculpture
1990-5037_A.113_2 1990-5037_A.113_2 show girl young woman dress shawl lace ring bracelet necklace pearl hair decoration ringlet centre parting chair cushion plain background hand coloured brilliant
E.1200-1992 E.1200-1992 arch landscape stone gate column window entablature tree urn pavement wrought iron gates lamp iron fence road
S_WUP_4427eSL S_WUP_4427eSL portrait porträt kind blasinstrument
1990-5037_A.115_13 1990-5037_A.115_13 statue soldier grave
1990-5037_A.103_8 1990-5037_A.103_8 sculpture lion horse rider spear
1990-5036/13706 1990-5036/13706 still life interior breastplate marble bust statue sword clock gloves frame mirror basket easel skull bag table pestle and mortar candlestick thermometer book chair carpet stereoviewer camera contact printing frame camera lens chinese vase cushion guitar painting bayonet tripod chianti bottle perfume bottle fan flag tambourine pedestal net
1990-5037_A.115_11 1990-5037_A.115_11 church model gothic architecture
1990-5037_A.93 1990-5037_A.93 man table lamp chair scientist sideburns scientific equipment hand coloured globe octant air pump telescope microscope alembic hour glass mirror model still still electrical coil bulls eye lens divider spats
1876-524_3 1876-524_3 Foucault, Leon man moustache beard shirt jacket cravat chair hand coloured scientist side parting
1990-5037_A103_0001A perhaps 1990-5037_A103_0001A perhaps curtain frame cherubs fabric guitar dome candlestick scent bottle stereo viewer shell carving sea urchin flower reflection hand coloured
1990-5037_A.115_5 1990-5037_A.115_5 owl taxidermy table feather
1990-5036/13723 1990-5036/13723 still chemical equipment filter paper funnel tongs crucible shelf alembics naphtha basket candlestick candle spirit burner vessels stands brick glass bottle bottle pestle and mortar box boxes calculation straw stoneware jar
E1204-1992 E1204-1992 statue infant grape drapery
E.1203-1992 E.1203-1992 man suit coat column cravat shirt moustache tablecloth standing violin bow window
1990-5036/13722 1990-5036/13722 taxidermy dead bird feather tree leaves still life nature victim prey beak stump
E1211-1992 E1211-1992 woman hand coloured chair blouse robe stars necklace bracelet curtain
1990-5037_A.103_3 1990-5037_A.103_3 still life skull spectacles book hour glass divider lamp drapery curtain
1977-176_3 1977-176_3 statue man soldier sword sword-belt epaulettes trousers coat uniform hat walking stick grave gravetone cross
1990-5036/13720 1990-5036/13720 bird taxidermy stuffed dead bird still life foliage acorn oak leaves black bird tree branch lichen
1990-5036/13703 1990-5036/13703 female figure drapery urn statue marble semi-nude
1990-5036/13714 1990-5036/13714 classical sculpture marble baroque antiquity figure snake
1990-5036/13715 1990-5036/13715 sculpture man woman couple embrace medieval dress plinth cloak marble
E1199-1992 perhaps E1199-1992 perhaps statue panther nude
1977-176_1 1977-176_1 carpenter man sideburns hat paper hat waistcoat shirt trousers hammer chisels vice saw saw-horse clamp carpenters pincers bench wooden plank timber basket wooden shelf bowl brace drill bit shavings
E1210-1992 E1210-1992 woman dress fur jewelry bracelet necklace brooch hand coloured gold highlight chair lace
1977-176_6 1977-176_6 memanto mori skull strongbox key table fringeing book hour glass chair velvet cloth reading glasses spectacles stick drapery brocade rope cord panelling divider oil lamp
1977-176_8 1977-176_8 man trousers jacket shoe sock shirt scientist table tablecloth sideburns fez hat fake bookcase photographic prop octant concave mirror oil lamp funnel bottle box camera tripod air pump bullseye lens alembic still stereo viewer egg-timer telescope microscope globe chair carpet unidentified objects reflection microscope case bucket stand
1990-5036/13732 1990-5036/13732 statue woman drapery fountain semi-nude lion's head
2003-5001/2/28294 2003-5001/2/28294 hand coloured young woman nude sofa tiara mirror curtain tie-back reflection
2003-5001/2/28295 2003-5001/2/28295 man moustache whiskers top hat cane eyeglass sideburns monocle jacket waistcoat trousers bow tie table chair curtain hand coloured
1990-5036/13729 1990-5036/13729 hand coloured woman lace necklace jewelry portrait seated centre parting dress cuffs
1990-5037_A.112 1990-5037_A.112 woman dress chair guitar shawl centre parting table dog lace statue scent bottle flower glass dome bonnet wall bracket
1977-176_10 1977-176_10 statue dog collar greyhound foliage
S_WUP_8049SL S_WUP_8049SL portrait porträt uhrmacher werkstatt fälschung
no number 08 no number 08 tree arch pillar dome building courtyard sky
1990-5036/13731 1990-5036/13731 statue man chair writer book quill pen
E.1202-1992 E.1202-1992 bird bird cage peacock feather cockatoo frame statuette lace tassel drapery vase fringeing ivory putto
1990-5037_A.103_7 1990-5037_A.103_7 sculpture the three graces wreath dress
1951-323_5 1951-323_5 chemistry laboratory beakers test tube test tube stand retort stand spirit burner alembic funnels filter paper pestle and mortar thermometer chemicals measuring scales pipette wooden shelf bottled chemicals steam kettle glass stirrer laterally reversed bowls camera camera lens crucibles
2003-5001/2/28296 2003-5001/2/28296 woman necklace curtain centre parting earring jewelry dress
1990-5037_A.113_4 1990-5037_A.113_4 young woman dress necklace tiara veil chair lace earring hand coloured brilliant
1990-5037_A.103_1 1990-5037_A.103_1 still life guitar sculpture carving stereo viewer cherubs glass bottle garlands curtain scent bottle reflection