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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
V22291 V22291 portrait woman
1990-5036_2373 1990-5036_2373 suspension loop human hair woman dress lace collar ringlet brooch centre parting hair pin flower hand coloured plain background gold thread chair
NPG D7724 NPG D7724 portrait print copy woman actor dress column base
2011-38/2 2011-38/2 portrait woman
1971-1001/33 1971-1001/33 portrait woman girl
1990-5037_A.113_2 1990-5037_A.113_2 show girl young woman dress shawl lace ring bracelet necklace pearl hair decoration ringlet centre parting chair cushion plain background hand coloured brilliant
1983-809c 1983-809c portrait woman
NTM-16353c NTM-16353c portrait woman
235 235 man woman couple high collar waistcoat jacket stock tie pin lace cuffs lace collar brooch shawl
1956-482/31 1956-482/31 portrait woman
1916-84_1 1916-84_1 woman plain background head and shoulder facing front lace collar silk long hair plaits brooch earring handcolouring lace
1971-1001/38 1971-1001/38 portrait woman
2000-3/6 2000-3/6 portrait woman
NTM-16353a NTM-16353a portrait man woman boy
B21998/42:5 B21998/42:5 portrait woman
CJH_14 CJH_14 portrait woman
B21998/42:1 B21998/42:1 portrait woman lockets
1990-5036_2565_2 1990-5036_2565_2 woman plain background head facing front lace collar ringlet hand coloured
1971-1001/28 1971-1001/28 portrait woman
2000-3/7 2000-3/7 portrait man woman
227 227 woman dress hand coloured lace ribbon centre parting
D2015:130/14 D2015:130/14 muotokuvat kaulakorut naiset korvakorut portrait woman jewelry earring
RP-F-F17799-A-B RP-F-F17799-A-B portrait woman
1971-1001/23 1971-1001/23 portrait woman
B22003/8:1 B22003/8:1 portrait group portrait woman man glasses
F-169_s-1 F-169_s-1 Morgenstern man woman morgenstern earring moustache sideburns plain background dress brooch cuffs
MCS9 MCS9 woman jewelry dress centre parting
1971-1001/39 1971-1001/39 portrait woman
1986-1586 1986-1586 woman portrait hairstyle centre parting lace collar brooch dress hair ribbon button plain background handcoloured
CJH_23 CJH_23 portrait woman
2003-5001/2/28132 2003-5001/2/28132 woman bonnet hair locket dress hand coloured
NPG D2036 NPG D2036 portrait print copy woman actor dancer dress veil table window
119 119 woman dress lace cap lace cuffs lappet table hand coloured chain jewelry gold highlight
52507 52507 woman profile necklace dress jewelry plait bun
CPM_06 CPM_06 portrait woman
1971-1001/36 1971-1001/36 portrait woman flower
1971-1001/37 1971-1001/37 portrait woman
2015-23/7 2015-23/7 portrait woman ørering locket jewelry
EGH131 EGH131 - portrait elderly woman bonnet glasses jewelry
EGH135 EGH135 - portrait woman jewelry cuff link circle of pearls
EGH134 EGH134 - portrait young woman earring jewelry
3-7-1920 3-7-1920 - portrait woman table
1951/4b 1840-1845 1951/4b - Avé Lattement, Meta portrait woman table rose
HTS/D36 1840-1865 HTS/D36 - portrait woman
2013-1964DL 1840-1860 2013-1964DL - Willink, Emily Lydia woman dress side buns bracelet collar cuffs
P13-808 1840-1860 P13-808 - jewel portrait woman lady
1932,173 1840-1860 1932,173 - Unbehagen woman cap flowers lace lace collar earring dress
PRI-IB-54995 1840-1865 PRI-IB-54995 - portrait woman ringlet
PRI-IB-86132 1840-1855 PRI-IB-86132 - Macquelijn, Margaretha Gijsberta portrait woman seated ringlet flower
PCS  202-12 1840-1860 PCS 202-12 - jewelry woman