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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
035 1855-07-09-1867-12 035 - family man woman dress lappet table painted backdrop window curtain hand coloured
036 1855-07-09-1867 036 - portrait group portrait woman man window curtain table dress chair jacket bow tie pelmet
119 119 woman dress lace cap lace cuffs lappet table hand coloured chain jewelry gold highlight
1916-84_1 1916-84_1 woman plain background head and shoulder facing front lace collar silk long hair plaits brooch earring handcolouring lace
1917-19 1853-01-12 1917-19 woman dress cap lappet lace collar lace cuff flower rose gloves table tablecloth book ewer seat gold highlight gold jewelry chain ring bracelet curtain centre parting
1919-297 1852 1919-297 old woman chair table tablecloth vase flower lace collar lace cuffs dress brooch bow ring earring middle parting handcoloured
1919-301 1855-07-09-1867 1919-301 - Bunn, Marian portrait woman curtain bonnet dress centre parting grey hair sleeve gold highlight jewelry ring brooch interior cushion hand coloured chaise longue
1932,173 1840-1860 1932,173 - Unbehagen woman cap flowers lace lace collar earring dress
1946-179 1853-01-12 1946-179 Michel, Emily Spooner neé Clarke woman seated dress fan tassel chair lace collar plait bracelet earring ring frill checked fabric lace cuffs bows handcolouring tinted cloud
1951-322 1855-07-09-1867 1951-322 - man grey hair sideburns shirt jacket cravat waistcoat trousers seat table bunch of flowers woman dress bracelet jewelry necklace fringeing girl boy picture wallpaper window pelmet curtain straw hat top hat side parting centre parting hand coloured gold highlight
1951-323_1 1855-07-09-1867 1951-323_1 - hand coloured woman young girl young boy seated kneeling dress lace collar neck bow cap centre parting cuffs bow necklace bracelet high chair tunic belt shoulder patterned wallpaper curtain fringeing pelmet window painted backdrop
1951-323_6 1854 1951-323_6 woman young woman man jacket trousers waistcoat sideburns letter book cap lace cap lace cuffs lace collar lappet dress shawl buttoned dress jewelry brooch bracelet ring chair painted backdrop column hand coloured gold highlight
1951-323_7 1854 1951-323_7 woman cap lace lappet dress gloves lace cuffs gold chain brooch parasol book flower rose jug chair table column hand coloured gold highlight
1951/4b 1840-1845 1951/4b - Avé Lattement, Meta portrait woman table rose
1951/4c 1843-1847 1951/4c - Avé Lattement, Meta portrait woman bonnet baby covered in blanket
1951/4d 1843-1847 1951/4d - Avé Lattement, Meta, Avé Lattement, Emma portrait woman bonnet baby covered in blanket
1951/4e 1850-1850 1951/4e - Avé Lattement, Meta portrait woman table
1951/4f 1853-1857 1951/4f - Avé Lattement, Meta portrait woman dark dress table
1951/4g 1853-1857 1951/4g - Avé Lattement, Meta portrait woman mourning table vase
1956-482/31 1956-482/31 portrait woman
1971-1001/11  1850 1971-1001/11 portrait woman
1971-1001/12  1850 1971-1001/12 portrait woman
1971-1001/22  1855 1971-1001/22 portrait man woman hat
1971-1001/23 1971-1001/23 portrait woman
1971-1001/24  1855 1971-1001/24 portrait man woman
1971-1001/26  1855 1971-1001/26 portrait man woman
1971-1001/28 1971-1001/28 portrait woman
1971-1001/3  1850 1971-1001/3 portrait woman
1971-1001/30  1855 1971-1001/30 portrait man woman
1971-1001/31  1855 1971-1001/31 portrait group girl woman woman man doll hat
1971-1001/33 1971-1001/33 portrait woman girl
1971-1001/34  1855 1971-1001/34 portrait woman
1971-1001/36 1971-1001/36 portrait woman flower
1971-1001/37 1971-1001/37 portrait woman
1971-1001/38 1971-1001/38 portrait woman
1971-1001/39 1971-1001/39 portrait woman
1971-1001/5  1850 1971-1001/5 portrait woman
1971-1001/7  1850 1971-1001/7 portrait woman
1971-662_2 1971-662_2 woman portrait plait dress jewelry earring brooch necklace pearl ring lace centre parting cushion hand coloured gold highlight punched silver highlight
1977-176_2 1977-176_2 statue woman bottle dress vase
1977-176_4 1977-176_4 statue woman man tunic helmet mail rifle sword sword-belt dagger trousers coat
1983-809c 1983-809c portrait woman
1984-1644 1853-1867 1984-1644 - Claudet, Julie (b. Bourdelain, Julie) woman mother wife seated curtain window dog vase flower chair table ring brooch dress bonnet dress centre parting lace gold highlight portrait hand coloured footstool cushion
1984-1645 1855-07-09-1867 1984-1645 - Claudet, Bourdelain gold highlight jewelry curtain chair woman seated old woman hand coloured lace lace cap table shawl black lace portrait bonnet ringlet dress tablecloth
1986-1586 1986-1586 woman portrait hairstyle centre parting lace collar brooch dress hair ribbon button plain background handcoloured
1990-5036/13696 1855-07-09-1867 1990-5036/13696 - portrait woman satin centre parting lace brocade dress curtain gold highlight hand coloured ring bracelet bangle brooch cushion chair
1990-5036/13698 1855-07-09-1867 1990-5036/13698 - woman dress blouse lace cuffs handkerchief black lace hand coloured chair cushion tassels hand coloured gold highlight centre parting jewelry ring
1990-5036/13702 1990-5036/13702 sculpture robe woman classical marble bag container dress
1990-5036/13715 1990-5036/13715 sculpture man woman couple embrace medieval dress plinth cloak marble
1990-5036/13716 1990-5036/13716 bell sculpture peasant woman tree exterior leaves foliage west optician