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RF5 1850-01-01-1852-12-31 RF5 - St. Mark’s, Venice, South West Portico and St. Jean d’Acre Pillars (reversed) building landscape arch pillar column waterspouts lantern low relief carving window stonework cross
1890-56-R67 1841-06-04-1841-06-04 1890-56-R67 - landscape arch props dome house decorative stonework built structure building exterior temple vineyard roof tile chimney tree sky archaeological ruin arch column corinthian capital bas-relief pilaster stonework window
1890-56-R50 1841-06-02-1841-06-02 1890-56-R50 - church portico pillar decorative stonework landscape built structure building exterior roof tile tree sky archaeological ruin arch triumphal arch column corinthian capital pilaster stonework window decorative ironwork railing wall brick wall
RF120 1858-12-31 RF120 exterior landscape sky building stonework arch window roof entrance sign railing woodwork
RF36 1846-01-01-1852-12-31 RF36 - San Zeno, Verona, Front Portal landscape door church pillar column arch window step carving statue carving stonework woodwork exterior
RF64 1846-12-31 RF64 Duomo, Pistoia, Campanile bell tower landscape pillar column sky stonework arch tile clock pedimant classical crenellation window
RF28 1850-01-01-1852-12-31 RF28 - Ducal Palace, Venice, North-West Angle, Judgement of Solomon landscape building pillar column arch tile lantern capital statue carving balustrade quatrefoil
RF38 1846-01-01-1852-12-31 RF38 - Duomo, Verona, Front Portal landscape door exterior church arch window clock lantern woodwork stonework step shadow
1890-56-R83 1890-56-R83 landscape baroque constitutional building decorative facade palazzo del quirinale window arch quirinal hill obelisk plinth built structure coat of arms tower building exterior decorative stonework window roof roof tile shutter balastrade tree hill sky archway stonework wall archeaological ruin
1890-56-R13 1841-06-1841-06 1890-56-R13 - cityscape landscape roof tree tower tile window chimney arch cupola church hill lantern dome sky building house
1890-56-Ps2 1841-06-25-1841-06-25 1890-56-Ps2 - tower cathedral landscape architecture architectural detail pillar column arch sky dome door stonework window dome
1890-56-R28 1841-1841 1890-56-R28 - landscape architecture built structure archaeological ruin archaeological site marble colosseum coliseum amphitheatre gladiators archaeology sky doorway arch tower
1890-56-R64 1841-1841 1890-56-R64 - roman campagna landscape river tomb house built structure machicolations stonework bridge skyline window archway arch woodland hill tree grass tower
RF25 1850-01-01-1852-12-31 RF25 - St. Mark’s, Venice, Principal Façade: Second Porch (reversed) building landscape interior carving marble pattern arch door pillar column gothic glass scratches
1890-56-R29 1890-56-R29 landscape palace ruin tree wall flight of step arch sky
RF60 1846-12-31 RF60 Santa Maria della Spina, Pisa, West Façade church landscape building sky statue stonework pedimants arch door bollard woodwork exterior window railing pillar column crockets spouts
1990-5037_A.115_9 1851-1854 1990-5037_A.115_9 - statue foliage arch column plinth nude
1890-56-R39 1890-56-R39 sculpture bas-relief chariot horse fluted column moulding arch triumphal arch
RF72 1846-12-31 RF72 San Michele, Lucca, Detail of Façade church landscape exterior sky pillar column capital arcade arch capital window building
RF2 1850-01-01-1852-12-31 RF2 - Ducal Palace, Venice, North-West Angle, Judgement of Solomon landscape building arch statue pillar column arcade balustrade ogee quatrefoil
E.1200-1992 E.1200-1992 arch landscape stone gate column window entablature tree urn pavement wrought iron gates lamp iron fence road
RF37 1852-12-31 RF37 Santa Anastasia, Verona, Wall Tomb inside Gate (reversed) landscape tomb building exterior column pillar arch stonework brick carving capital
1890-56-R44 1841-06-11-1841-06-11 1890-56-R44 - arch building house window shutter doorway roof tile wall bell-tower sky archaeological site column stonework road fence tree pillar cobbles step
RF51 1846-12-31 RF51 Duomo, Florence, South Portal building landscape exterior church door pillar column cart barrow railing stonework statue arch pavement street poster window
1890-56-R25 1841-06-08-1841-06-08 1890-56-R25 - cityscape landscape colosseum ruin archaeological site tree arch architectural detail road tower house walled garden window doorway roof tile sky
RF53 1846-12-31 RF53 exterior landscape step building stonework door arch pillar column
RF33 1846-01-01-1852-12-31 RF33 - San Zeno, Verona landscape church door pillar column stonework building exterior arch pedimant window woodwork lion step glass clerestory railing bollard cross sky
1990-5037_A.115_8 1854 1990-5037_A.115_8 statue plinth foliage arch column railing nude laterally reversed
RF45 1846-12-31 RF45 Duomo, Florence, North Portal church landscape door stonework building exterior arch pedimant window woodwork step railing statue carving
RF4 1850-01-01-1852-12-31 RF4 - St. Mark’s, Venice, South West Portico, from Ducal Palace Arcade landscape building arch pillar balustrade roundel lantern classical
RF92 1854-12-31 RF92 Rouen Cathedral, Roof Pinnacles (reversed) church exterior sky horizon stonework arch tracery tower landscape gothic roof
RF59 1846-12-31 RF59 San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno, Pisa landscape building church stonework column pillar arch door pedimant sky cross
1890-56-R58 1841-06-03-1841-06-03 1890-56-R58 - landscape built structure temple building exterior roof tile sky column stonework window window grille arch carriage horse
RF99 1856-12-31 RF99 Rheims Cathedral, Façade, North Portal, St Denis and Angels statue pillar column capital arch gothic wing saint martyr trefoil building exterior angel capital
RF94 1854-12-31 RF94 Rouen Cathedral, Houses near South Transept Door exterior building stonework window arch gothic statue shop roof bazin landscape
RF121 1858-12-31 RF121 exterior landscape sky building stonework arch window roof entrance sign railing woodwork door
1890-56-R26 1840-04-1841-06 1890-56-R26 - landscape architecture built structure archeaological ruin archaeological site colosseum coliseum amphitheatre gladiators archaeology window building exterior street sky column arch
2003-5001/2/28260 1854-06 2003-5001/2/28260 Crystal Palace sculpture bench railing tomb arch pillar plinth
RF71 1846-12-31 RF71 San Michele, Lucca, Façade arch landscape church exterior sky stonework tile arcade pillar column dome street step window shutter capital statue awning door bollars cross
1890-56-R59 1840-04-20-1840-04-20 1890-56-R59 - cityscape landscape cylindrical building water dome church religious building scaffolding bridge foreshore rock tree balustrade colonnade architecture roof roof tile window built structure archeaological ruin skyline shutter archway arch building exterior river fireworks
RF27 1850-01-01-1852-12-31 RF27 - St. Jean d’Acre Pillars and Ducal Palace, Venice (reversed) pilaster brickwork carving arch building interior capital
RF23 1850-01-01-1852-12-31 RF23 - St. Mark’s, Venice, Principal Façade landscape dome building arch pillar column flag pole statue sky scratches
RF8 1850-01-01-1852-12-31 RF8 - St. Mark’s, Venice, St. Jean d’Acre Pillars: the Rock Pillar (reversed) column pillar capital carving tile arch stonework landscape architectural detail balustrade pattern
1890-56-V12 1841-07-20-1841-07-20 1890-56-V12 - landscape canal renaissance architecture palazzo pesaro baroque architecture lagoon loggia portico arcade colonettes decorative iron work balcony decorative tile decorative stonework built structure roof roof tile arch pilaster boat posts architecture building exterior tile column balcony balustrade window step pontoon sky archway water
RF57 1846-12-31 RF57 Duomo and Leaning Tower, Pisa exterior landscape church tower leaning stonework sky pillar column door roof dome cross statue arch carving window hill
1890-56-V8 1841-07-20-1841-07-20 1890-56-V8 - landscape flag pole dome sky cross arch window campanile pillar piazza building basilica roof tympanum
1890-56-R12 1841-06-1841-06 1890-56-R12 - cityscape landscape roof tree tower tile window chimney arch cupola church hill lantern clock sky building house
RF34 1852-12-31 RF34 Santa Anastasia, Verona, Portal (reversed) landscape door building church arch gothic pillar column textile curtain carving step exterior
1890-56 Pp6 1841-05-12-1841-05-12 1890-56 Pp6 - Temple of Jupiter (Pompeii) landscape ruin pillar column arch step stonework tile street archaeological site sky road wall
1890-56-Pp1 1841-04-22-1841-04-22 1890-56-Pp1 - landscape tone archaeological ruin tomb inn street cobbles tree hill sky arch