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RF49 1846-12-31 RF49 Orsanmichele, Florence church exterior landscape tracery mesh capital column pillar statue stonework bell spandrel
BE_PRI_HEM112o 1851-1851 BE_PRI_HEM112o - exhibition tallis bell pound engraving sculpture beard
RF70 1846-12-31 RF70 Duomo, Lucca, Façade church exterior sky arch arcade column pillar cross spouts bell door stonework pilaster tile landscape
RF18 1850-01-01-1852-12-31 RF18 - St. Mark’s, Venice, South Front with Procuratie and Clock Tower landscape clock building bell window pillar column people street flag pole winged lion statue arch square classical pedimant balustrade
1990-5036/13716 1990-5036/13716 bell sculpture peasant woman tree exterior leaves foliage west optician
BE_PRI_HEM112n 1851-1851 BE_PRI_HEM112n - exhibition innocence tallis bell pound engraving sculpture beard