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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
CCN_13 1852-01-01-1856-12-31 CCN_13 - bust portrait young man union case
RLB_23_1820 1845-1848 RLB_23_1820 - bust portrait old man portrait white hair sideburns
2003-5001/2/28120 2003-5001/2/28120 man bust textile sculpture
RLB_14_15_1863 1853-1860 RLB_14_15_1863 - thermoplastic case girl head and shoulder portrait bust portrait
RLB_82_1830 1850-1860 RLB_82_1830 - young lady cap collar bust portrait
CCN_12 1846-01-01-1847-12-31 CCN_12 - bust portrait middle man
RLB_43_1787 1844-1846 RLB_43_1787 - woman portrait ring chin bust portrait
ING_FP_6082 1845-01-01-1846-12-31 ING_FP_6082 - young man bust portrait
2003-5001/2/28096 1849-04-1854-04 2003-5001/2/28096 - Wellesley, Arthur (Duke of Wellington) sculpture bust portrait
RLB_7_1876 1850-1850 RLB_7_1876 - jewel brooch yung man bust
1983-50-70 1842-03-29-1843 1983-50-70 - Hogg, Jabez, Johnson man photographer camera watch jacket shirt waistcoat shoe trousers cravat sideburns receding hairline lens cap painted backdrop alcove urn trellis plant bird cage seat chair carpet footstool top hat stand curtain tassel bust wharton case
ING_FP_6074 1845-01-01-1847-12-31 ING_FP_6074 - bust portrait old man sideburns
RLB_105_1837 1847-1850 RLB_105_1837 - bust portrait travelling dress young lady cord
ING_FP_6081 1847-01-01 ING_FP_6081 young man bust portrait
F39909 1848-1852 F39909 - young man high collar bust portrait
Ph1680-1939 1854-06-10 Ph1680-1939 Victoria (queen), Albert Edward (Prince of Wales) landscape choir building window girders man woman dress military costume bust baclony step
RLB_27_1838 1855-1860 RLB_27_1838 - portrait woman head and shoulder union case bust portrait striped dress gold chain thermoplastic case
FotoGLV2000/9997 1850-1860 FotoGLV2000/9997 - portrait bust sculpture skulptur porträt luxuspapier
FotoGLV2000/10008 1850-1860 FotoGLV2000/10008 - bust mustache büste schnurrbart skulptur sculpture
RLB_41_1818 1844-1846 RLB_41_1818 - bust portrait jawline beard striped waistcoat
GF-10588 1855-1859 GF-10588 - Daumier, Honoré man bust
ING_FP_6083 1848-01-01-1850-12-31 ING_FP_6083 - young man bust portrait
ING_FP_6079 1844-01-01-1846-12-31 ING_FP_6079 - bust portrait young man moustache arms folded painted background