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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
FotoGLV2000/9727 1840-1850 FotoGLV2000/9727 - portrait man woman cane mann frau stock
RP-F-F14452-A 1840-01-01-1860-12-31 RP-F-F14452-A - portrait man cane
Plate 12 Plate 12 Laforeit-Duclos, Francois portrait man chin beard jacket waistcoat trousers cane stick chair bow tie
RP-F-AB12290 1848-01-01-1848-12-31 RP-F-AB12290 - Oppenheim portrait man cane headdress beard
1982-1186 1982-1186 Squire Long of Saxmundham man jacket shirt waistcoat cravat grey hair sideburns receding hairline cane monocle chair
1944,10w 1840-1860 1944,10w - man side parting high collar jacket buttons frogging cane table
PDC_06_01 1852-1852 PDC_06_01 - Sentmenat, José portrait man uniform sword cane epaulettes chair
1990-5037_A.69_4 1854-06-27-1854-06-27 1990-5037_A.69_4 - Baigent, Richard Augustin boy jacket cravat waistcoat cane hand-coloured side chair
Ph1173-1992 or E.1173-1992 1854-1855-07 Ph1173-1992 or E.1173-1992 - man cane painted backdrop sideburns cravat jacket double breasted shirt chair cloud backdrop table
LEEDM.E.1962.0150.0021 LEEDM.E.1962.0150.0021 man jacket trousers watch chain cane cravat
003 1853-01-12-1855-07 003 - Donaldson, Thomas Olinthus portrait man trousers jacket waistcoat bow tie chair table gilded hat cane hand coloured side parting furniture carved shoe
d0099 1850-1860 d0099 - Graaf, J. C. de (1814-1895) portrait man cane
1937,209 1840-1860 1937,209 - man jacket waistcoat stock cane table table cloth chair
2003-5001/2/28071 2003-5001/2/28071 man boy father son cane lanyard chair jacket trousers waistcoat bow tie
D 168 1848-1852 D 168 - portrait man cane hat
s s Baylis, Thomas, Edy man jacket stock sideburns grey hair backdrop cane
2003-5001/2/28295 2003-5001/2/28295 man moustache whiskers top hat cane eyeglass sideburns monocle jacket waistcoat trousers bow tie table chair curtain hand coloured
RP-F-F14547-A 1840-01-01-1860-12-31 RP-F-F14547-A - portrait woman bonnet cane
2932505 1852-1852 2932505 - Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (prince) man moustache cane hand-coloured jewelry side parting jacket seated
PD224B 1841-03 PD224B portrait man high collar bow tie jacket waistcoat cane ring jewellery gold highlight side parting
1990-5037_A83 1853-1853-07-28 1990-5037_A83 - Dolland, George young man three quarter portrait standing chin beard bow tie gold button jacket waistcoat shirt handkerchief top hat black velvet white gloves cane checked fabric watch chain signet ring wavy hair side parting landscape backdrop fabric covered plinth hand coloured gold highlight
1990-5036/DB/33 1846 1990-5036/DB/33 boy chair cane jacket tie hand coloured gold highlight side parting
d0178 1845-1855 d0178 - Timmermann, S. portrait man hat painted backdrop cane
SLSA1103_2294 SLSA1103_2294 portrait couple cane umbrella
RP-F-2003-88 1845-01-01-1860-12-31 RP-F-2003-88 - Mülbracht, Andreas, Mülbracht, Dorothea Catharina Machtelde, born Lax portrait group woman man headdress cane
1951,58 1848-1852 1951,58 - man jacket waistcoat high collar bow tie table tablecloth chair cane walking stick side parting
D 3 1849-06-1849-06 D 3 - Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Prinz Albert von (1798-1869 portrait man cane tube hat
MAM 2013.1.2 An 1850-1855 MAM 2013.1.2 An - portrait man cane
2932493 1856-01-30-1856-06-30 2932493 - Alice (princess), Victoria (queen), Albert Edward (Prince of Wales), Duchess of Gloucester girl woman boy flower jewelry bracelet rug cane waistcoat dress lace chair backdrop bonnet side parting trousers carpet
D 7 1849-1849 D 7 - Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Prinz Albert von (1798-1869) portrait man cane tube hat
1990-5036/13709 1853-1859 1990-5036/13709 - man jacket shirt cravat waistcoat trousers jewelry ring watch chain book table tablecloth cane chair side parting
D 206 1853-1853 D 206 - portrait group woman man cane writing
ARCP93 1845-1860 ARCP93 - portrait man cane
1944,9w 1840-1860 1944,9w - man side parting jacket waistcoat high collar stock curtain painted backdrop painted landscape cathedral baluustrade chair walking stick cane hat frogging
D 322 1850-1860 D 322 - portrait man hat cane flowervase chair
1990-5036/DC/35 1843-06-1851-06-15 1990-5036/DC/35 - man sideburns side parting stiff collar stock scarf stiffened front waistcoat jacket shirt trousers cane scrolled chair arm chair button punched silver highlight handcoloured plain backdrop velvet upholstery brocade
BOS-2584 1840-1850 BOS-2584 - elderly man painted landscape cane hat tablecloth
FMA-P-1988-017 1848 FMA-P-1988-017 portrait man cane
D 1916-20 1859-1863 D 1916-20 - portrait group man cane
D 324 1850-1855 D 324 - portrait man tube hat cane
LS00307 1848 LS00307 portrait man cane porträt mann stock
LS00294 1845 LS00294 portrait man cane porträt mann stock
D 1918-33 1845-1860 D 1918-33 - Wilke, F. A. portrait man hat cane
d0029 1850-1855 d0029 - Rügemer, Carl portrait man cane
1951,120 1848-1852 1951,120 - Amsinck, Alfred (1835 - 1866), Amsinck, Werner (1837 - 1913) portrait boys brothers waistcoats jackets shirts trousers painted backdrop painted landscape chair side partings cane watch chain
1990-5037_A.49 1853-1856-09 1990-5037_A.49 - man cravat sideburns jacket cane hand coloured boy uniform cap sunlight hat trousers
PC03443 1854 PC03443 portrait man cane porträt mann stock tisch tischdecke table tablecloth bart beard bücher book kravatte vatermörder
PH373/14 PH373/14 elderly man jacket waistcoat shirt tie table book spectacles cane
1951-324 1951-324 man jacket stock gloves cane top hat table chair side parting trousers
2003-5001/2/28052 2003-5001/2/28052 man jacket cravat check waistcoat sideburns cane umbrella parasol waistcoat tartan table tablecloth