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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
1990-5037_A101_2 1855-07-09-1867 1990-5037_A101_2 - woman blouse centre parting plait shawl ribbon lace collar lace cuffs jewelry ring chain brooch chair table tablecloth tassel basket vase rose flower cushion hand coloured gold highlight silver highlight
1990-5036/13706 1990-5036/13706 still life interior breastplate marble bust statue sword clock gloves frame mirror basket easel skull bag table pestle and mortar candlestick thermometer book chair carpet stereoviewer camera contact printing frame camera lens chinese vase cushion guitar painting bayonet tripod chianti bottle perfume bottle fan flag tambourine pedestal net
1990-5037_A.113_2 1990-5037_A.113_2 show girl young woman dress shawl lace ring bracelet necklace pearl hair decoration ringlet centre parting chair cushion plain background hand coloured brilliant
1990-5037_A.108 1990-5037_A.108 kitchen fireplace shawl table chair cushion bowl of fruit dog rug carpet candlestick tea caddy funnel coffee pot smoothing iron ladle bottle clock warming pan pots pans poker broom jug fire tongs flower flower pot basket tea cup bonnet book bowls fire grate kettle brush lids tray
1990-5036/13734 1853-01-12 1990-5036/13734 man standing book gold highlight hand coloured cravat gold ring black gown portrait cushion side parting clean shaven
1919-301 1855-07-09-1867 1919-301 - Bunn, Marian portrait woman curtain bonnet dress centre parting grey hair sleeve gold highlight jewelry ring brooch interior cushion hand coloured chaise longue
1936-144 1855-07-09-1867 1936-144 - girl blouse lace collar lace cuffs jewelry necklace shoe sock sofa cushion tassel curtain basket flower hand coloured gold highlight
1990-5036/13698 1855-07-09-1867 1990-5036/13698 - woman dress blouse lace cuffs handkerchief black lace hand coloured chair cushion tassels hand coloured gold highlight centre parting jewelry ring
1984-1644 1853-1867 1984-1644 - Claudet, Julie (b. Bourdelain, Julie) woman mother wife seated curtain window dog vase flower chair table ring brooch dress bonnet dress centre parting lace gold highlight portrait hand coloured footstool cushion
1990-5036/13696 1855-07-09-1867 1990-5036/13696 - portrait woman satin centre parting lace brocade dress curtain gold highlight hand coloured ring bracelet bangle brooch cushion chair
1919-296 1854 1919-296 young girl dress sock racket centre parting table chair upholstery cushion flower interior dado rail hand coloured
1971-662_2 1971-662_2 woman portrait plait dress jewelry earring brooch necklace pearl ring lace centre parting cushion hand coloured gold highlight punched silver highlight