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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
1990-5036/13698 1855-07-09-1867 1990-5036/13698 - woman dress blouse lace cuffs handkerchief black lace hand coloured chair cushion tassels hand coloured gold highlight centre parting jewelry ring
2003-5001/2/28066 2003-5001/2/28066 Haughton family, Houghton, George man family sister book girl painted backdrop jacket side parting centre parting dress sideburns tie
no number 14 1841-06-1851 no number 14 - woman chair dress bonnet ribbon ringlet curtain
2003-5001/2/24354 1841-1851 2003-5001/2/24354 - girl brooch dress centre parting collar portrait
1990-5037_A.102 1855-07-09-1855 1990-5037_A.102 - girl siblings gold highlight hand coloured window curtain wallpaper woman mother daughter sash dress jewelry necklace bracelet cap chair lace ringlet fingerless gloves
1919-301 1855-07-09-1867 1919-301 - Bunn, Marian portrait woman curtain bonnet dress centre parting grey hair sleeve gold highlight jewelry ring brooch interior cushion hand coloured chaise longue
Cameo Lady 1847-04-05-1850-12 Cameo Lady - woman portrait cuffs collar table jewellery cameo brooch dress centre parting ringlets
1990-5036/13696 1855-07-09-1867 1990-5036/13696 - portrait woman satin centre parting lace brocade dress curtain gold highlight hand coloured ring bracelet bangle brooch cushion chair
1990-5037_A.100 1855-07-09-1867 1990-5037_A.100 - waistcoat boy girl siblings gold highlight hand coloured uniform sword book window curtain pelmet garland basket flower wallpaper carpet side parting chair table dress trousers shoe
1951-323_1 1855-07-09-1867 1951-323_1 - hand coloured woman young girl young boy seated kneeling dress lace collar neck bow cap centre parting cuffs bow necklace bracelet high chair tunic belt shoulder patterned wallpaper curtain fringeing pelmet window painted backdrop
1984-1644 1853-1867 1984-1644 - Claudet, Julie (b. Bourdelain, Julie) woman mother wife seated curtain window dog vase flower chair table ring brooch dress bonnet dress centre parting lace gold highlight portrait hand coloured footstool cushion
Seated women 1851-06-16-1867 Seated women - women centre parting side buns dress bodice skirt shawl lace collar lace cuff lappet upholstery chair carved wood wallpaper curtain window garden painted backdrop pot plant stand hand coloured gold highlights brooch cameo necklaces
066 1855-07-09 066 woman portrait dress blouse front painted backdrop ribbon brooch ringlet centre parting hand coloured lace cuffs
050 1855-07-09-1867 050 - woman dress chaise longue curtain hand coloured handkerchief centre parting cushion upholstery
027 1855-07-09 027 woman dress bow side buns cushion hand coloured
PD444-05995 1851-06-16 PD444-05995 portrait family man woman child flowers birdcage centre parting sideburns waistcoat trousers jacket buttons dress shawl pantaloons socks shoes fan ribbons bird birdcage tablecloth chair hand coloured gold highlights
1950-88 1855-07-09-1867-12 1950-88 - woman dress black lace gold bracelet gold bangle gold ring silver brooch ringlet silk lace bodice lace sleeve lace scarf pleated skirt gathered bodice gathered sleeve bows vase flower table dish horizontal stripes hand coloured painted backdrop
2003-5001/2/28058 1841-09-1847 2003-5001/2/28058 - Houghton woman lace cap ringlet lace jewelry ring bonnet dress grandmother chair table tablecloth
036 1855-07-09-1867 036 - portrait group portrait woman man window curtain table dress chair jacket bow tie pelmet
072 1841-09-1847 072 - woman portrait dress broach ringlet backdrop lace fingerprint
082 1847-05-05-1850-12 082 - boy woman mother portrait jacket waistcoat shirt trousers clean shaven dress hat lace ribbon chair vase flower
72047 1854-05-1854-05 72047 - Victoria (queen) dress sash jewelry pearl earring brooch headdress chair table flower
1990-5037_A13 1855-07-09-1867 1990-5037_A13 - woman dress centre parting bow tie dendritic decay
2932493 1856-01-30-1856-06-30 2932493 - Alice (princess), Victoria (queen), Albert Edward (Prince of Wales), Duchess of Gloucester girl woman boy flower jewelry bracelet rug cane waistcoat dress lace chair backdrop bonnet side parting trousers carpet
1965-424 1841-09-1851 1965-424 - woman portrait dress jewelry chain ring brooch book centre parting ringlet plaid shawl
1990-5037_A.10 1841-06-1847 1990-5037_A.10 - Richomme woman dress textile lace collar centre parting backdrop
1984-1645 1855-07-09-1867 1984-1645 - Claudet, Bourdelain gold highlight jewelry curtain chair woman seated old woman hand coloured lace lace cap table shawl black lace portrait bonnet ringlet dress tablecloth
1951-322 1855-07-09-1867 1951-322 - man grey hair sideburns shirt jacket cravat waistcoat trousers seat table bunch of flowers woman dress bracelet jewelry necklace fringeing girl boy picture wallpaper window pelmet curtain straw hat top hat side parting centre parting hand coloured gold highlight
Plate 2 1855-07-09-1867 Plate 2 - woman portrait dress chain bracelet ring table tablecloth chair centre parting
Plate g 1847-1851 Plate g - Deborah Lloyd later married Gibson woman central parting dress cap scarf shawl lace frills table table cloth books hand coloured
2003-5001/2/28297 1858-09-1858-09 2003-5001/2/28297 - woman necklace earring brooch ring bracelet jewelry lace gold paint hand coloured chair curtain centre parting dress
1422-1939 1847-09-23-1847-09-23 1422-1939 - Pritchard, Mrs Andrew woman lace cap lace collar lace cuffs painted backdrop jewelry ring rose brooch chain hand coloured gold highlight silver highlight table tablecloth book dress
035 1855-07-09-1867-12 035 - family man woman dress lappet table painted backdrop window curtain hand coloured