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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
PC03242 1843-1847 PC03242 - structure fountain schloß castle landschaft landscape
PC03231 1845 PC03231 location house fountain brunnen
1890-56-R85 1890-56-R85 landscape fountain building building exterior house roof chimney tile sky bollard street window door
BE_PRI_HEM045 1854-1855 BE_PRI_HEM045 - Crystal Palace Nave, Crystal Palace Osler Fountain stereo exhibition hall fountain water lilies
1890-56-R90 1890-56-R90 landscape fountain laundry drying window window grilles shutter statue balcony building house street railing doorway bollard column pilaster coat of arms
JS_8 2006-2006 JS_8 - fountain protest contemporary daguerreotypist
No Number 01 1851-1851 No Number 01 - fountain light house light architectural model of church sculpture decorative canopy ironwork glass glass house iron pillar trellis iron column cast plate glass flat roofed hall paxton gridded roof structure press statue display case scaffolding royal crown
1890-56-R65 1841-06-05-1841-06-05 1890-56-R65 - landscape inscription pillar decorative stonework built structure building exterior sky fountain street lamp horse sculpture coat of arms terrace stonework window shutter papal palace stable decorative ironwork balustrade wall brick wall cross
1990-5037_A.115_6 1851 1990-5037_A.115_6 fountain water window ironwork foliage water-lilies nave pillar girders
2003-5001/2/28302 1855 2003-5001/2/28302 interior sculpture fountain glass roof ironwork lily pads pillar railing
1990-5036/13705 1851 1990-5036/13705 fountain water feature clock statue bust column pillar girders glasshouse architectural detail wooden floor plant spiral staircase plinth
1685-1939 1851-1851 1685-1939 - Crystal Palace lighthouse plinth statue fountain scaffolding ironwork pillar glass display case
2003-5001/2/28233 1855 2003-5001/2/28233 interior sculpture fountain cherub arch pilaster foliage
1990-5036/13732 1990-5036/13732 statue woman drapery fountain semi-nude lion's head
1683-1939 1851-05-01-1851-10-11 1683-1939 - The Great Exhibition (1851) fountain statue chair osler pillar ironwork glass
34-1972 1854 34-1972 renaissance court interior fountain statue railing arch pilaster capital agave
1890-56-R66 1841-06-1841-06 1890-56-R66 - landscape portico column corinthian capital pedimant entablature obelisk cross hieroglyph window roof tile sky fountain bollard
1684-1939 1851-05-01-1851-10-11 1684-1939 - The Great Exhibition (1851) fountain scaffolding crates exhibition case plinth statue pillar ironwork glass light house light
1890-56-R92 1890-56-R92 landscape fountain coat of arms water street scene people bollard railing decorative facade architecture building built structure building exterior decorative stonework pilaster tritons horse sculpture niches column corinthian capital balustrade inscription sculpture bas-relief window shutter balcony pedimant sky stonework water
1890-56-R74 1841-03-1841-03 1890-56-R74 - landscape obelisk pillar decorative stonework built structure building exterior decorative iron work archway domed roof clock frieze bas-relief inscription sculpture tower window doorway roof tile sky arch fountain street lamp coat of arms terrace stonework window shutter decorative ironwork wall brick wall cross lantern
1890-56-R91 1890-56-R91 landscape public square fountain water sculpture obelisk religious building street scene people bollard railing decorative fascade architecture building window built structure building exterior decorative stonework roof roof tile window shutter window grill iron work sky stonework chimney
2003-5001/2/28257 1855 2003-5001/2/28257 Crystal Palace glass arcade statue marble plinth glass roof hanging basket girders fountain railing
F39930 1846 F39930 Krainik white bonnet shawl bird fountain
CARPH021803 1850-1855 CARPH021803 - sculpture fontaine fountain place landscape buildings
TSD D 00023 1854-06-27 TSD D 00023 landscape landschaft nature natur mountain berge harz tree bäume architecture architektur house haus gebäude foundry gießerei fountain brunnen hüttenbrunnen
2003-5001/2/28259 1854-06 2003-5001/2/28259 Crystal Palace sculpture window pillar girders fountain plant foliage water-lilies urn statue ironwork reflection
1890-56-R77 1890-56-R77 landscape garden tree architectural detail sky column statue arcade fountain arch balustrade stonework pillar
1890-56-R78 1841-06-09-1841-06-09 1890-56-R78 - church obelisk garden pillar decorative stonework landscape cityscape built structure building exterior roof tile tree sky arch window wall dome lantern spire statue fountain
1890-56-R89 1841-06-05-1841-06-05 1890-56-R89 - obelisk fountain sculpture decorative stonework carriage landscape cityscape built structure building exterior railing roof tile sky window chimney bell tower pillar column ghost bollard step door
1890-56-R96 1841-1841 1890-56-R96 - landscape palace of apostolic palace colonnade piazza window building chimney column fountain bollard portico awning balustrade statue pedimant step roof
FotoGLV2000/5375 1858-1860 FotoGLV2000/5375 - sculpture ganymed fountain brunnen skulptur ganymedbrunnen fountain modell gipsmodell