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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
2003-5001/2/28284 1855 2003-5001/2/28284 sculpture interior glass steel pharaoh window ironwork sphinxes pillar walkway girders wooden floor
2003-5001/2/28278 1855 2003-5001/2/28278 sculpture interior wooden floor foliage arch column ironwork bench plinth girders
2003-5001/2/28262 1854-06 2003-5001/2/28262 Crystal Palace sculpture victory girders equestrian statue window planters tree in pot bench foliage wooden floor plinth
Ph1681-1939 1854-06-10 Ph1681-1939 Victoria (queen), Albert Edward (Prince of Wales) landscape choir man suit woman dress baldachin step backdrop building girders window
2003-5001/2/28279 1855 2003-5001/2/28279 sculpture interior girders railing plinth wooden floor pillar tree walkway
1990-5037_A.115_6 1851 1990-5037_A.115_6 fountain water window ironwork foliage water-lilies nave pillar girders
2003-5001/2/28266 1855 2003-5001/2/28266 Crystal Palace wooden floor equestrian statue girders window marble bust staircase ironwork bench
1990-5036/13705 1851 1990-5036/13705 fountain water feature clock statue bust column pillar girders glasshouse architectural detail wooden floor plant spiral staircase plinth
2003-5001/2/28283 1855 2003-5001/2/28283 interior sculpture ironwork girders foliage plinth laterally reversed glass roof pillar
2003-5001/2/28255 1854-06 2003-5001/2/28255 Crystal Palace sculpture statue glass roof pillar column capital girders plinth wooden floor
2003-5001/2/28275 1855 2003-5001/2/28275 sculpture interior wooden floor plinth arch ironwork glass roof urn girders
1682-1939 1851-1851 1682-1939 - Crystal Palace statue pedestals ironwork girders pillar vase flag glass horse
1990-5037_A.114 1854 1990-5037_A.114 sculpture hall Crystal Palace sculpture window glass fountain clock statue plinth foliage spiral staircase pond ironwork girders
1990-5036/13725 1854 1990-5036/13725 statue Crystal Palace bust column pillar girders glasshouse architectural detail wooden floor agave plant plinth
1990-5036/13727 1851 1990-5036/13727 carving mirror glass window flag vase girders table wooden floor landscape
Ph1680-1939 1854-06-10 Ph1680-1939 Victoria (queen), Albert Edward (Prince of Wales) landscape choir building window girders man woman dress military costume bust baclony step
2003-5001/2/28261 1855 2003-5001/2/28261 Crystal Palace man waistcoat moustache cravat statue girders bench glass glass roof tree in pot conifer climbing plant foliage plinth railing ironwork
2003-5001/2/28257 1855 2003-5001/2/28257 Crystal Palace glass arcade statue marble plinth glass roof hanging basket girders fountain railing
2003-5001/2/28256 1855 2003-5001/2/28256 Crystal Palace glass marble statue urn column plinth glass roof wood floor metal struts girders bench foliage ironwork tree
2003-5001/2/28258 1855 2003-5001/2/28258 Crystal Palace glass wrestlers statue pot plant marble plinth glass roof climbing plant girders agave wooden floor column pillar
2003-5001/2/28287 1855 2003-5001/2/28287 Crystal Palace, Cain, Étex, Antoine wooden floor statue foliage glass window girders tree in pot plinth ironwork
2003-5001/2/28286 1855 2003-5001/2/28286 Crystal Palace, Ulysses, Argus, Macdonald, Lawrence wooden floor statue foliage glass window girders ironwork laterally reversed plinth
2003-5001/2/28259 1854-06 2003-5001/2/28259 Crystal Palace sculpture window pillar girders fountain plant foliage water-lilies urn statue ironwork reflection