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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
Claudet stereo 1851-1867 Claudet stereo - portrait Man woman couple family children curtain window table bonnet ribbons gown side parting central parting toys
1945,62 1852-1854 1945,62 - Merck, Emily Marianne baby gown sleeping bed backdrop
NPG D11158 NPG D11158 Addison, Laura (b. Wilmshurst) print copy woman actor woman gown painted backdrop table chair
213 213 man lawyer seated gown collar sideburns
221 221 man spectacles gown lawyer
137 1847-04-1848-08 137 - man book table watchchain gown
RLB_17_1855 1845-1848 RLB_17_1855 - graduate cap gown tinted english young man table
208 208 Erle, William (1793-1880) man lawyer wig robes gown
1990-5036/DD/13 1990-5036/DD/13 Dewan of the Nawob of Landabad hat moustache shawl gown portrait
1932,174 1840-1860 1932,174 - Unbehagen, Johann Gottfried man elderly table tablecloth gown high collar books cuertain
MGJ_16 1854-01-01 MGJ_16 portrait man graduate mortar board gown high collar bow tie