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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
249 249 man girl dress striped ringlet centre parting balding hand coloured jacket waistcoat trousers shirt bow tie book backdrop sideburns
NPG x199388 NPG x199388 portrait woman shawl lace bonnet centre parting ribbon ringlet bracelet chain ring table
1990-5036_2373 1990-5036_2373 suspension loop human hair woman dress lace collar ringlet brooch centre parting hair pin flower hand coloured plain background gold thread chair
PRI-IB-70114 1855-1855 PRI-IB-70114 - Lynden, Margaretha Cornelia van portrait woman seated ringlet
RKD-IB-64869 1845-1845 RKD-IB-64869 - Rouffaer, Petronella portrait woman seated ringlet
PRI-IB-54995 1840-1865 PRI-IB-54995 - portrait woman ringlet
PRI-IB-86132 1840-1855 PRI-IB-86132 - Macquelijn, Margaretha Gijsberta portrait woman seated ringlet flower
058 1842-04-25-1852 058 - girl cloud backdrop dress hand coloured necklace ringlet
21 1849-04-1855 21 - woman chair dress jewelry hand coloured ringlet enamelled necklace blouse ring bracelet broach
E1153-1992 1842-06-25 E1153-1992 Lamb woman daughter girl dress chair lace gloves ringlet hand coloured
1990-5036/DA/31 1845-1855 1990-5036/DA/31 - woman dress ringlet centre parting lace frills lace cuffs lace jacket lace dress gold chain fob hand coloured cloud backdrop chair upholstery gold paint brass studs
1965-432 1849-06-14-1864 1965-432 - woman dress shawl jewelry ringlet centre parting cuffs table tablecloth brooch chain necklace
Ph3-1939 1847-08-1855-07 Ph3-1939 - woman dress hand coloured column base curtain cloud background ring jewelry lace centre parting ringlet chain bush
E.1157-1992 1847-08-1855-07 E.1157-1992 - woman dress hand coloured chain ringlet book column base cloud background ring jewelry lace satin
247 247 Westropp, Charlotte, Waugh, Adelaide, Gregor, Harriett woman family dress backdrop ringlet shawl plaits
2003-5001/2/28300 1851 2003-5001/2/28300 woman jewelry vase table chair ringlet book hand coloured gold highlight bracelet chain ring pearl bracelet flower centre parting dress column
103 1845-1855-07 103 - woman lace cap ringlet dress shawl lace collar lace shawl column backdrop
039 1841-03-23-1867 039 - woman bonnet centre parting lace ringlet
2003-5001/2/28083 2003-5001/2/28083 woman ringlet collar centre parting young woman lace portrait
1990-5036/DC/39 1990-5036/DC/39 woman ringlet centre parting dress short sleeve wristlet backdrop curtain table tablecloth book chair carpet
no number 26 no number 26 girl dress cardigan knitted lace collar bonnet plaid ringlet centre parting shoe sock doll chair painted backdrop column hand coloured gold highlight
no number 14 1841-06-1851 no number 14 - woman chair dress bonnet ribbon ringlet curtain
1990-5037_A.44 1990-5037_A.44 man jacket waistcoat cravat sideburns hand coloured girl ringlet dress chair
no number 25 1846 no number 25 hand coloured young girl dress pleated skirt centre parting ringlet chair upholstery basket flower cloud
1951-326 1951-326 dress woman ringlet lace cap lace collar lace cuffs balustrade chair centre parting
1965-422_2 1853 1965-422_2 portrait group portrait frontal view standing landscape format lady dress gathered skirt belt lace collar plaid neck piece brooch gold highlight cloak frills lace gloves fingerless gloves hankerchief hair decoration little girl child ringlet jumpsuit satin blouse gathers rose centre parting gold chain gold bracelet man waistcoat tweed gold fob chain bow tie jacket side parting plaid trousers plain background
1990-5037_A.113_2 1990-5037_A.113_2 show girl young woman dress shawl lace ring bracelet necklace pearl hair decoration ringlet centre parting chair cushion plain background hand coloured brilliant
1951-334 1845-1855-07 1951-334 - girl ringlet dress lace painted backdrop chair hand coloured gold highlight silver highlight
EP313 1851-1851 EP313 - Hinde, Sophia woman dress shawl hand-coloured lace ringlet backdrop
Plate 3 MEB 1842-1858 Plate 3 MEB - Baynes, Mary Elizabeth (b. Beard) lady pen paper lace fingerless gloves ribbon ringlet bun centre parting table tablecloth chair
2003-5001/2/28155 2003-5001/2/28155 Davidson family girl sister ringlet centre parting collar dress table tablecloth
2003-5001/2/24356 1849-04-1854-04 2003-5001/2/24356 - Fripp, Mary S. girl ringlet check dress brooch shawl book hand coloured chair table ring portrait centre parting
1950-88 1855-07-09-1867-12 1950-88 - woman dress black lace gold bracelet gold bangle gold ring silver brooch ringlet silk lace bodice lace sleeve lace scarf pleated skirt gathered bodice gathered sleeve bows vase flower table dish horizontal stripes hand coloured painted backdrop
2003-5001/2/28058 1841-09-1847 2003-5001/2/28058 - Houghton woman lace cap ringlet lace jewelry ring bonnet dress grandmother chair table tablecloth
2003-5001/2/28137 2003-5001/2/28137 woman jewelry arrow chair centre parting jacket ringlet bracelet lace
Beard 1841-08 Beard woman ostrich feather ringlet dress wharton case
2003-5001/2/28143 1848-08-29-1848-08-29 2003-5001/2/28143 - woman girl doll lace cap jewelry brooch scarf ringlet dress centre parting
08 08 woman girl dress bonnet broches ringlet watered silk ribbon
2003-5001/2/28208 2003-5001/2/28208 woman jewelry book chain brooch ringlet dress hand coloured centre parting chair
1965-424 1841-09-1851 1965-424 - woman portrait dress jewelry chain ring brooch book centre parting ringlet plaid shawl
A pair of plates by Richard Beard (the woman) 1841 A pair of plates by Richard Beard (the woman) woman lace collar lace bonnet bow bodice hand coloured ringlet
1990-5036/13730 1852-1860 1990-5036/13730 - woman man couple husband wife chair glove gold highlight bracelet chain watch chain jewelry necklace lace bonnet ringlet waistcoat jacket trousers cravat sideburns centre parting button book seated portrait
06 06 woman dress chair ringlet collar book hand coloured chain broach
253B 253B woman ringlet dress handcoloured chair jewelry brooch ring shawl lace
EP298 EP298 Fisk, Mary Elizabeth woman ringlet lace collar centre parting
149 1853-01-12-1855-07 149 - woman siblings dress ribbon brooch gold highlight bracelet curtain table chair book picture ringlet necklace
Ph1-1939 1847-08-1855-07 Ph1-1939 - Roper, Martha Emma woman ringlet tartan dress bow collar lacing chair table book backdrop sky column hand coloured gold highlight
1990-5037_A.84 1990-5037_A.84 woman shawl cape jewelry brooch ringlet hand-coloured lace collar chair
2003-5001/2/28054 2003-5001/2/28054 woman ringlet centre parting tablecloth table ring dress
016 1845-1855-07 016 - Donaldson, Matilda Georgiana (b. Lingham) woman ringlet dress lace collar ribbon gold gold highlight painted backdrop hand coloured