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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
no number 20 no number 20 man jacket cravat shirt side parting clean shaven
Ph336-1961 Ph336-1961 man jacket shirt cravat sideburns seated
1990-5036/13708 1853-1853 1990-5036/13708 - man jacket shirt cravat waistcoat trousers ring chair sideburns
1911-321_1 1911-321_1 man jacket waistcoat shirt watch chain cravat sideburns hand coloured
1876-524_3 1876-524_3 Foucault, Leon man moustache beard shirt jacket cravat chair hand coloured scientist side parting
1951-331 1849-04-1855 1951-331 - man sideburns jacket cravat shirt trousers chain chair top hat side parting painted backdrop hand coloured
E2005.343 E2005.343 man sideburns side parting jacket shirt waistcoat cravat table tablecloth chair
1990-5036/DB/24 1990-5036/DB/24 man straw hat beard cigar jacket shirt cravat trousers chair hand coloured
E.1203-1992 E.1203-1992 man suit coat column cravat shirt moustache tablecloth standing violin bow window
1951-323_4 1951-323_4 Duboscq man table tablecloth trousers jacket waistcoat pocket watch chain shirt cravat moustache balding plain background
57-1939 1843-07-18-1843-07-18 57-1939 - Pritchard, Andrew portrait jacket shirt cravat side parting plain background sideburns
TSD D 00025 1845 TSD D 00025 jewelry schmuck medaillon portrait porträt man mann gentleman young jung boy junge suit anzug shirt hemd cravat halstuch
1990-5036_2616 1990-5036_2616 brooch jet man balding sideburns jacket shirt cravat pin
2003-5001/2/28214 1850-1850 2003-5001/2/28214 - Schwab, Adolf boy table waistcoat collar chair cravat jacket trousers shirt
1951-321 1854 1951-321 man receding hairline sideburns jacket shirt trousers waistcoat cravat gloves pince-nez cord neck ring watch chain chair table painted backdrop column hand coloured gold highlight
1990-5036/DC/30 1990-5036/DC/30 elderly man grey hair jacket waistcoat shirt cravat trousers seat settee gold highlight hand coloured
2003-5001/2/28049 2003-5001/2/28049 man waistcoat jacket cravat high collar sideburns side parting shirt
no number 09 1854-06-01 no number 09 hand coloured old man striped trousers jacket shirt waistcoat pocket watch chain cravat balding sideburns chair table book top hat pillar plain background handkerchief
1982-1186 1982-1186 Squire Long of Saxmundham man jacket shirt waistcoat cravat grey hair sideburns receding hairline cane monocle chair
1990-5036_6744 1990-5036_6744 brooch pin man sideburns hand coloured jacket shirt cravat plain background
214 214 man jacket waistcoat cravat shirt side parting middle aged
1950-368 1950-368 man newspaper jacket waistcoat watch chain shirt cravat trousers table tablecloth chair hand coloured gold chain gold highlight side parting
1983-50-70 1842-03-29-1843 1983-50-70 - Hogg, Jabez, Johnson man photographer camera watch jacket shirt waistcoat shoe trousers cravat sideburns receding hairline lens cap painted backdrop alcove urn trellis plant bird cage seat chair carpet footstool top hat stand curtain tassel bust wharton case
1990-5036/DC/27 1849-04-1855 1990-5036/DC/27 - Potter, Vincent man jacket waistcoat shirt cravat sideburns side parting chair
261 261 man side parting hand coloured sideburns cravat jacket shirt cigar smoke
1982-1193 1982-1193 man jacket waistcoat shirt cravat moustache side parting
1951-322 1855-07-09-1867 1951-322 - man grey hair sideburns shirt jacket cravat waistcoat trousers seat table bunch of flowers woman dress bracelet jewelry necklace fringeing girl boy picture wallpaper window pelmet curtain straw hat top hat side parting centre parting hand coloured gold highlight
1876-524_1 1876-524_1 old man grey hair sideburns plaid shirt jacket cravat scientist
1990-5036/13710 1852-08-1852-08 1990-5036/13710 - man sideburns jacket shirt cravat waistcoat trousers jewelry ring watch chain book table tablecloth microscope lens live box
1990-5036/DD/3 1850-05-1850-05 1990-5036/DD/3 - Liholiho, Prince Alexander, King Kamehameha IV, Prince Lot King Kamehameha, King Kamehameha V, Judd, Gerrit Parmele man lot jacket waistcoat shirt trousers chair chain cravat side parting
Plate 6 Plate 6 man portrait jacket cravat shirt waistcoat side parting receding hairline chair trousers
1950-364 1950-364 man jacket shirt cravat trousers table book backdrop
E2014.1190.10 E2014.1190.10 man chair trousers waistcoat shirt cravat jacket handkerchief cross legged receding hairline side parting sideburns table tablecloth patterned fabric
255 255 man spectacles jacket waistcoat shirt trousers cravat sideburns chair table hand coloured
1919-302 1846-1855-07 1919-302 - elderly man white hair jacket waistcoat shirt cravat chair painted backdrop cloud hand coloured gold highlight
1951-323_3 1951-323_3 man jacket cravat shirt side parting seated portrait
1951-323_8 1951-323_8 man hat fez jacket trousers shoe sock shirt cravat chair book table tablecloth carpet microscope camera octant still curtain hand coloured glass dome condenser scientific instrument globe footstool barometer air pump magic lantern tripod scientist
2003-5001/2/28055 2003-5001/2/28055 man cravat jacket watch chain shirt side parting
1876-524_2 1876-524_2 Becquerel, Edmond man moustache beard sideburns shirt jacket cravat scientist
1990-5036/DC/10 1990-5036/DC/10 man elderly jacket cravat shirt book table chair spectacles sideburns trousers
1917-20 1855-07-09-1867 1917-20 - man jacket waistcoat cravat shirt ring top hat table tablecloth chair side parting
1990-5036/13719 1852-1866 1990-5036/13719 - man straw hat suit jacket trousers cravat shirt waistcoat clean shaven side parting woman dress lace collar lace cuffs handkerchief jewelry earring ring gold chain bracelet centre parting chair hand coloured gold highlight
UK-PRI-SF_plate 3 UK-PRI-SF_plate 3 Hopwood man jacket cravat shirt balding white hair sideburns
1990-5036/DC/29 1849-04-1854-04 1990-5036/DC/29 - man jacket waistcoat shirt cravat cloud hand coloured sideburns grey hair side parting
1990-5036/DB/35 1852-1866 1990-5036/DB/35 - man side parting cravat shirt waistcoat jacket chair hand coloured clean shaven
1977-343 1843-1843 1977-343 - Babbage, Charles mathematician man clean shaven shirt cravat jacket
PH377-11 PH377-11 young man clean shaven jacket cravat shirt table tablecloth hand coloured
Plate 5 Plate 5 man portrait jacket cravat shirt waistcoat side parting receding hairline
Plate 4 Plate 4 man portrait jacket cravat shirt waistcoat side parting receding hairline
Ph1173-1992 or E.1173-1992 1854-1855-07 Ph1173-1992 or E.1173-1992 - man cane painted backdrop sideburns cravat jacket double breasted shirt chair cloud backdrop table