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2932506 1849-1849 2932506 - Napier, General Sir Charles man spectacles sideburns coat jacket waistcoat trousers chair upholstery
NPG P578 NPG P578 Brunel, Sir Marc Isambard portrait man coat jacket waistcoat shirt tie spectacles balding book gloves signature drawing drawing tools
106 1845-1855-07 106 - man spectacles jacket bow tie
2003-5001/2/20894 1855 2003-5001/2/20894 skull curtain panelling key strongbox book spirit burner table fringeing spectacles hour glass textile divider
228 228 woman bonnet spectacles chair tablecloth dress
78770 78770 Hellström, Julius man clothes spectacles
W_D_213 1845-1848 W_D_213 - portrait woman painted backdrop bonnet spectacles book
BOS-2888 1845-1860 BOS-2888 - portrait group portrait studio portrait curtain spectacles book
RP-F-F14366-A 1841-01-01-1850-12-31 RP-F-F14366-A - portrait man spectacles
BOS-2918 1850-1860 BOS-2918 - portrait man woman outdoor book painted portrait spectacles
RP-F-F14369-A 1840-01-01-1860-12-31 RP-F-F14369-A - portrait man spectacles
RP-F-F14487-A 1853-01-01-1853-12-31 RP-F-F14487-A - portrait man spectacles
D 1917-65 1848-1849 D 1917-65 - Rodbertus, Johann Karl (1805-1875) portrait man spectacles
NTNU-UB-F-EFT-031 NTNU-UB-F-EFT-031 Drejer, Martinus Nissen, Dreier, Martinus Nissen, Dreyer, Martinus Nissen group family man woman jewelry ring bracelet broche necklaces glasses spectacles sideburns table tablecloths
NTNU-UB-F-EFT-086 1859-09-04 NTNU-UB-F-EFT-086 Angell, Jonas portrait man table tablecloths glasses spectacles beard
NTNU-UB-F-EFT-202 NTNU-UB-F-EFT-202 portrait mans glasses spectacles beard
NMFF.001682 1849-1855 NMFF.001682 - patterned tablecloths mønstrede duker table bord bøker book briller spectacles man mann sideburns kinnskjegg portretter portrait
VAFB_1984_1071 1850-1857 VAFB_1984_1071 - Langberg, Christian Ludvig (1810 -1857) spectacles briller university universiteter vitenskapsmann scientists fysikkere portretter portrait utstyr equipment
D 1917-64 1843-1851 D 1917-64 - Berg, Philipp portrait man spectacles
D 1917-66 1848-1849 D 1917-66 - Unruh, Hans Viktor von (1806-1886) portrait man spectacles
1990-5036/DD/22 1990-5036/DD/22 woman man jacket waistcoat trousers beard dress shawl book spectacles bonnet centre parting lappet house window door
1990-5036/DC/22 1990-5036/DC/22 man jacket waistcoat trousers cravat sideburns spectacles
KAD R 12/03 1852-1852 KAD R 12/03 - portrait man beard spectacles
D 245 1852-1854 D 245 - portrait man book spectacles
D 195 1842-1846 D 195 - portrait man spectacles
2003-5001/2/28146 1843-1843 2003-5001/2/28146 - Parry, Sir John curtain standing chair table backdrop jacket trousers shoe spectacles cushion box
2003-5001/2/28136 1854-1854 2003-5001/2/28136 - Brocker, G.H. woman lace jewelry gold key dress hand coloured spectacles
VAFB_1984_1070 1850-1857 VAFB_1984_1070 - Langberg, Christian Ludvig (1810 -1857) spectacles briller university universiteter vitenskapsmann scientists fysikkere portretter portrait mann man
1990-5037_A.103_3 1990-5037_A.103_3 still life skull spectacles book hour glass divider lamp drapery curtain
1977-176_6 1977-176_6 memanto mori skull strongbox key table fringeing book hour glass chair velvet cloth reading glasses spectacles stick drapery brocade rope cord panelling divider oil lamp
LEEDM.E.1952.0036.1 1849 LEEDM.E.1952.0036.1 Smith, WIlliam man mayor politician whig mace painted backdrop side parting jacket trousers cravat chain of office chair spectacles table tablecloth
1990-5036/DD/7 1990-5036/DD/7 man sideburns grey hair spectacles jacket waistcoat cravat table tablecloth book hand coloured
Plate b 1848-1852 Plate b - George Stacey and Deborah Lloyd his wife man woman couple hand sideburns waistcoat shirt jacket dress shawl spectacles watch chain gold highlights
255 255 man spectacles jacket waistcoat shirt trousers cravat sideburns chair table hand coloured
2003-5001/2/28097 2003-5001/2/28097 cleric man sideburns spectacles jacket balding table book gold paint
030 1849 030 skull strongbox spectacles divider book hour glass fringeing panelling curtain oil lamp
Plate a Plate a George Stacey and Deborah Lloyd his wife man woman couple hand sideburns waistcoat shirt jacket dress shawl cap book spectacles watchchain gold highlights
1913-201 1840-1845 1913-201 - Alexander, Bings chess elderly man woman dress bonnet lace jacket waistcoat shirt trousers cravats spectacles side parting receding hairline bow
NPG x5108 NPG x5108 Wallace, Alfred Russel portrait man jacket waistcoat shirt tie chair spectacles sideburns side parting backdrop
1990-5036/DC/10 1990-5036/DC/10 man elderly jacket cravat shirt book table chair spectacles sideburns trousers
NPG P1996 NPG P1996 Thackeray, William Makepeace portrait man jacket waistcoat shirt bow tie spectacles
1950-372 (incorrect) 1856-10-14-1856-12-31 1950-372 (incorrect) - union case thermoplastic hand coloured woman spectacles dress blouse brooch chain cameo ring table tablecloth centre parting ringlet hair pin chair keyboard instrument sheet music painted backdrop
PH373/14 PH373/14 elderly man jacket waistcoat shirt tie table book spectacles cane
Plate h Plate h woman cap central parting shawl shawl effect bodice table book spectacles gold highlight handcoloured
FAU090 1850-1865 FAU090 - Valdemar Nikolaj von Brüggemann, Waldemar Nicolai Bryggemann Beichmann man men militær military spectacles briller mann menn offiserer officers hæren army portretter portraits
NTNU-UB-F-EFT-042 NTNU-UB-F-EFT-042 portrait couple man woman headgear necklaces glasses spectacles
NTNU-UB-F-EFT-076 NTNU-UB-F-EFT-076 Drejer, Martinus Nissen, Dreier, Martinus Nissen, Dreyer, Martinus Nissen portrait man book quills feather pens desks table chair backdrops window glasses spectacles suit
BKM.F.011477 1845-1855 BKM.F.011477 - portrait portretter mønstrede duker patterned tablecloths tørkle scarf spectacles briller
ØFB.2014-00002 1842-1845 ØFB.2014-00002 - portretter portrait mann man briller spectacles
NTNU-UB-F-EFT-055 NTNU-UB-F-EFT-055 portrait couple man woman jewelry glasses headdress headgear suit dress spectacles