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Catalogo Data Soggetto Tag
2932506 1849-1849 2932506 - Napier, General Sir Charles man spectacles sideburns coat jacket waistcoat trousers chair upholstery
106 1845-1855-07 106 - man spectacles jacket bow tie
BOS-2888 1845-1860 BOS-2888 - portrait group portrait studio portrait curtain spectacles book
RP-F-F14366-A 1841-01-01-1850-12-31 RP-F-F14366-A - portrait man spectacles
RP-F-F14369-A 1840-01-01-1860-12-31 RP-F-F14369-A - portrait man spectacles
D 1917-65 1848-1849 D 1917-65 - Rodbertus, Johann Karl (1805-1875) portrait man spectacles
NMFF.001682 1849-1855 NMFF.001682 - patterned tablecloths mønstrede duker table bord bøker book briller spectacles man mann sideburns kinnskjegg portretter portrait
D 1917-64 1843-1851 D 1917-64 - Berg, Philipp portrait man spectacles
D 1917-66 1848-1849 D 1917-66 - Unruh, Hans Viktor von (1806-1886) portrait man spectacles
LEEDM.E.1952.0036.1 1849 LEEDM.E.1952.0036.1 Smith, WIlliam man mayor politician whig mace painted backdrop side parting jacket trousers cravat chain of office chair spectacles table tablecloth
Plate b 1848-1852 Plate b - George Stacey and Deborah Lloyd his wife man woman couple hand sideburns waistcoat shirt jacket dress shawl spectacles watch chain gold highlights
030 1849 030 skull strongbox spectacles divider book hour glass fringeing panelling curtain oil lamp
BKM.F.011477 1845-1855 BKM.F.011477 - portrait portretter mønstrede duker patterned tablecloths tørkle scarf spectacles briller
1911,239 1840-1860 1911,239 - man portrait receding hairline spectacles sideburns jacket stock waistcoast chair table book