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2932491 1852-01-17-1852-01-17 2932491 - Victoria (queen), Victoria (princess), Albert Edward (Prince of Wales), Alice (princess), Helena (princess), Alfred (prince) woman child boy girl collar bonnet jewelry
2932509 1845-01-1845-01 2932509 - Lehzen, Baroness woman bonnet dress lace table tripod backdrop picture frame key folding table jewelry letter seal book
2932493 1856-01-30-1856-06-30 2932493 - Alice (princess), Victoria (queen), Albert Edward (Prince of Wales), Duchess of Gloucester girl woman boy flower jewelry bracelet rug cane waistcoat dress lace chair backdrop bonnet side parting trousers carpet
2932511 1848-1848 2932511 - Lind, Jenny (1820-1887) woman dress centre parting lace collar broach handkerchief backdrop chair shawl pot plant pillar
2932510 1848-1848 2932510 - Lind, Jenny (1820-1887) woman dress centre parting lace shawl carpet watered silk piano mirror reflection frame table rococco footstool
52507 52507 woman profile necklace dress jewelry plait bun
2932501 1851-1852 2932501 - Margreiter, Klier, Rainer, Rahm, Holaus man hand coloured guitar table woman hat tyrolean costume belt feather painted backdrop jacket shoe zither beard moustache